How to make bath salts?

You can prepare bath salt on your own instead of buying commercial bath salts which contain chemical. If you store properly the salt which you had prepared can last up to several months.

Things which are required

1) 2 cups of Epsom salt- it contains magnesium sulfate helps to take away acids from the skin and can alleviate aches, and muscle soreness.
2) Half cup of baking soda- it is also called as sodium bicarbonate. It provides softness to the skin. We can also use liquid glycerin in the place of baking soda. It moisturizes the skin.
3) 1 cup of sea salt (coarse or fine)
4) Food coloring
5) 20-30 drops of fragrance oil
6) Small jar to store salts
7) Metal bowl
8) Wax paper
9) Spoon or funnel

Procedure to prepare salt:-

1) Firstly mix the salt with baking soda with your hands till the mixture changes to almost fine powder on a clean and dry surface.
2) Now add a food coloring till you reach the desired color and mix the food coloring so that each and every grain of salt gets colored.
3) Start adding fragrance oil as well as mix the salt simultaneously to prevent the salt clumping
4) Scatter the salt on the wax paper forming a layer and let it dry in the air for some hours. Try to make a thin layer so that the salt could be dried quickly.
5) When the salt gets dried collect it in a wide mouth container with a spoon and cover its mouth so that air cannot reach the salt.
6) Take half cup of bath salt and put it in water, stir thoroughly and enjoy the bath.

Note: – in above procedure ¼ tablespoon of glycerin can also be used instead of baking soda.

Try to make the bath salt on a dry day so that it cannot absorb moisture from the air. You can also use different colors and fragrances to bath salt. More is the fragrance added to salt less is the salt required for bath water.

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