How to reduce body fat?

To get rid of excess body fat is one of the most common problems nowadays. It is mainly due to three reasons. Firstly what type of food to eat? Second is our daily physical activities and workout and thirdly our mind.

When we talk about food what all we have to do is just to check over our eating habits and change to the lifestyle. By lifestyle it does not mean that we should go on diet. Our body gets most of the energy from carbohydrates and fats, if we take more carbohydrates and fats then required our body will start storing the extras. No doubt energy is needed by the body to work but eating heavy amount of carbohydrates and fats in the dinner after that going straight away to the bed can certainly increase body fat because the energy taken in has not burnt and will be stored in our body. Try to have food which has high amount fiber, lean protein and complex carbohydrates but the simple carbohydrates for e.g. sugar, will digest easily and you will feel hungry in short duration of time. Also check that the number of calories you eat must be less than the calories you burn per day so that the fat stored in the body can be used which will surely helps in reducing body fats. Moreover start eating small meals with less calories say 4-5 times a day which will use the amount of energy taken and will not store it but having 2-3 heavy calorie meal will only use the required energy and the extra will be stored. Having less calorie food frequently will also increase metabolism rate while starving this rate will be decreased and your body becomes habitual to save the fat. Then it can also perform a task using less energy which will not help in reducing.

This process can be enhanced by exercise. We have to be patient because time is required for the fat loss when we are exercising. Stretching exercise should also be included in our daily workout which will elongate the muscles and give you a leaner look. Exercise burn calories and compels to use the stored body fats but it never changes the fats of your body into muscle. But particular types of exercise give strength to your muscle where there is excess of fat and makes you look slim than before. Muscle burn calories more than the fats So we should try to build more muscles mass. Exercise alone will not work much. Healthy and restricted calorie diet is also important to loose body fat.

What else you can do is to start imagining yourself in a shaped body. Your thoughts will be stored in the subconscious mind which will force the outside things to match with your inside information. If you imagine yourself with same fatty figure then you may remain like that. This can be done while meditation or by frequently remembering your mind about your image of what you want to look like. Some people think that being overweight they will not be loved and are rejected. Unknowingly they are giving their subconscious mind a reason why people reject them. They remain overweight and blame others for their rejection. So it is very important that a person must thinks that he is lovable and not rejected by others and start loosing weight for his own sake.

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