What does percent body fat mean?

You must have heard the term body fat percentage. It is the percentage of fat present in your body. If your body weighs 160 pounds and you have 10 percent of fat then your body contains 16 pounds of fat tissues and 144 pounds of […]

How to get fat?

Generally people want to be slim most of them are females. But few of them who are too thin or are from anorexic group want to gain weight. Here are some ways how to get fat:- Eat First thing you can do to gain weight […]

What causes belly fat?

People who lead sedentary lifestyles have more belly fat as compared to the people who remain active because the calories required by the body is absorbed by it and the extra ones still remain which changes to fats. It is situated on the top of […]

How to reduce body fat?

To get rid of excess body fat is one of the most common problems nowadays. It is mainly due to three reasons. Firstly what type of food to eat? Second is our daily physical activities and workout and thirdly our mind. When we talk about […]

How to loose belly fat?

There are so many ways to loose belly fat. Some do it rapidly and others can take much time. Fat cells always remain in our body until we go for a surgery but there is no need of surgery as we have other better ways […]