Why is recycling plastic important?

Plastics are used in wide range of things. So it is produced in a very huge amount and its convenience is undeniable. Recycling of plastic is very important because it is made from the oil which will cause the regular depletion of this limited resource. With the recycling of plastic we can save oil and can use it for longer time. Moreover recycling do not cause harm to the quality of plastics.
European community has recognized this problem of environment and plastic. So they have adopted Beverage Container Directive to save the raw materials and its affect on environment.

Plastics are found lying as wastes on the roadsides, beaches, hedgerows etc. they are not biodegradable so they do not decompose on their own and can harm environment. Moreover they affect the beauty of the place because of their visibility. So to deal with these problems there are two ways one is to use less plastics and other is to give the plastics in the recycling markets.

The most common type of plastic packaging we come across is large plastic bottles of soft drinks. These bottles cannot be refilled and used so the one way to use this plastic is to recycle. One more thing the plastic manufacturer can do is to make those qualities of plastic that can be easily recycled. Disposal of plastic is causing landfill and nearly 114000 tones of plastic packaging is disposed every year by local authorities

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