How to choose the best yoga mat cover?

Selection of the best yoga mat is not an easy task. The qualities of a good yoga mat should include support and coverage for the whole body; it should have a non slippery surface and should be smooth. This will help the yoga performer to concentrate on doing the yoga postures without any discomfort. Choose from the following yoga mats.

Typical Plastic Yoga Mats

The majority of yoga practitioners opt for the commonly available plastic yoga mats. These yoga mats are very reasonably priced, and this is the biggest advantage that they have. However, these mats provide little cushioning for the body as they are made of extremely thin material. At the end of the day, many may start feeling discomfort when practicing on this yoga mat.

Since they are made of plastics, at times, the mats may even start smelling bad. Since the typical plastic yoga mat is made of Phthalates, a chemical that turns hard plastic soft, it can cause problems for those who practice yoga on these mats. Lots of references can be cited to prove how these plastic mats have made people forsake Yoga forever.

Jute Yoga Mats

Jute yoga mats are used across the globe. As more and more people are becoming ecologically conscious, jute yoga mats can be a smart option. Jute yoga mats also have certain advantages and disadvantages. Jute yoga mats are made from jute which is a porous material. The mats can absorb moisture, sweat and water quite easily. However, they need to be discarded after some time, since they can’t be used for a long time. After a point the mat users need to find a replacement for their yoga mats.

Rubber Yoga Mats

Most people find rubber yoga mats to be extremely effective. Even yoga experts say that this mat is extremely suitable for practicing yoga. The rubber mats are reasonably priced, made of natural rubber, and provides great cushioning for those that practice yoga even on a regular basis. These mats are sturdy and inexpensive. Natural rubber is derived from rubber plants and yoga mats are manufactured from this material.

Yoga mats made of synthetic rubber are also available; however they are not environment friendly. Rubber mats made of natural rubber are especially made for those that can have allergic reactions to latex. As a result, both phthalate-free and latex-free mats are expensive. Even though they are expensive, these mats are safe for exercising and don’t create health problems for the users.

Are Pilate’s mats good enough?

Pilate’s mats can also be used for doing yoga but there are some differences between Pilate’s mats and yoga mats. In general, a Pilate’s mat is thicker than the yoga mat. The Pilates mat will provide better support and cushioning power to the elbows and spine. It is not necessary that the pilate’s mat should be made of non slippery surfaces. One of the most important factors while choosing the yoga mats is that the surface should be non slippery.

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