Why do people sleepwalk?

Experiments are still going on to know the exact reasons of sleepwalk but there are some of the possibilities which are known to us. Professionals say that it is a kind of disorder in which a person is between a state of sleeping and walking […]

Why do people talk in their sleep?

In scientific terms sleep talking is called as SOMNILOQUY. Many people, mostly 50% children and five percent adults brain confuses and talk in their sleep. Sleep talk occurs in some people may be because of stress, anxiety, having less sleep, unresolved issues, eating in excess […]

Why do people sleep?

Sleep is very important for every mammal, reptile, bird, and amphibian. Bat needs 20 hours of sleep per day, human eight hours and giraffes two hours. The animals that are low in food chain sleep less and this protect them from predators when they sleep […]

Why do people have nightmares?

Nightmares are the bad dreams that disturb us and awake us from the sleep. Nightmares can vary from the person to person but the most common one is that a person feels chased by the other. Different emotions develop during the nightmares some feel sad […]

Why do rainy days make us sleepy?

Most of us feel sleepy on the rainy day. Different people have different views about this aspect. This sleepiness may be because of the production of serotonin in our body in the dark rainy days are low. Serotonin is regulated by sunlight which effects mood. […]