Who invented the television?

In 1924, John Logie Baird, a Scot, was the first to transmit the television picture of moving objects. The question who invented the television is a highly debatable one. The final product that we see today has been assembled by the parts invented by several different individuals.

The Gist
There are two schools of thoughts, one which believes that the first electronic television was the invention of Philo Taylor Farnsworth who was a farm boy in Utah, while others believe that it was invented by a Russian born American scientist Vladimir Kosma Zworykin.

Zworykin invented and patented the electron scanning tube, and called it iconoscope. The iconoscope was more like a primitive television camera tube. On the other hand, Farnsworth invented the dissector tube and was the first to transmit a television image.

Philo Farnsworth presented to the world the first completely electronic television in the year 1927. He first transmitted the image of a dollar sign that was composed of 60 horizontal lines. In the year 1929, Farnsworth started Farnsworth Television, Inc.

Through Farnsworth was amongst the inventors of television, he always told his friends and family that there was nothing worthwhile on television and he didn’t want it on his children’s intellectual diet.

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