How cordless telephones work?

Long before the cell phones were available, Cordless telephones were used by people. Cordless phone are phones that can be used without the use of wires. So the phones could be used at home and around the home without any problem of wires. However, the phone was limited by its range. Beyond a certain range, the phone would not work. So the earlier phones could work only within a few yards, say within a perimeter of 100 yards. Beyond this range, there was simply no connection.

Initially, phones had messy wires that had to be installed, and we could sit and talk only in one place. With the advancement of technology, cordless phones involve that used radio signals also. Cordless phones comprise of two things, the standard phone device and a radio transmitter and receiver. So there is a base unit that remains stationary and the hand piece unit that can be used for talking on the phone while on the move.

How does a cordless phone function?

A cordless phone has two parts to it. It has a handset and a base unit. The base unit is connected to the standard phone line. The base unit receives the signals or the telephonic call. It then converts it into a FM radio signal. This signal is broadcasted and caught by the handset unit. These signals are decoded by the handset unit, and the sound becomes audible to the receiver. All cordless phones work on this mechanism as there are no wires to transfer and receive signals. The use of duplex technology allows you to talk and listen at the same time on the cordless telephone.

Variety to choose from

Initially, when cordless phones arrived in the market, it has a basic model with two colors white and black. But now there are so many models to choose from, and they have so many new features which the older models never had. Caller identification, ability to store the numbers, quick dialing, date and time feature, call back feature, various ringer tones, etc. Recently in 1998, the FCC has even allowed the use of increased frequency range. Cordless phones now come with a 2.4 GHz range and increased security to disallow people from eavesdropping.

How does the phone charge?

The cordless phone has a base unit, and this is connected to the main phone jack and an AC power cord so that the phone can be charged. The base unit also charges the handset unit as well.

While buying a cordless telephone, there are certain issues that should be kept in mind. The range, sound quality and the security features of the phone are extremely important. The range is the distance between the handset and the base unit, where the sound is still audible. As the handset is removed away from the base unit, the sound quality can suffer. Objects that can cause interference with the radio signals are microwave signals, radio scanners and other electrical and radio equipment. The interference can pose a threat to the security and also cause the audio signals to become faint or disrupted.

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    I reckon the best colrdess telephones are Uniden. I’ver had three over the last 10-15 years. The first one an upright was dropped several times, accidentally. Then I got one with an answering machine I chose not to delete any more of the messages and just keep what was on there, a lot of family including my cute mum, who is no longer living. So I got another one, they don’t miss a beat. Many varieties and colours etc.

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