Who invented hair dryer?

A hairdryer or blow dryer is an electromechanical gadget that blows hot or cool air over damp or wet hair to aid in quick drying of wet hair.

Alexandre Godefoy of France invented the electric hair dryer in 1890. Before the hairdryer was invented men and women used the vacuum cleaner to dry their hair. The first model invented by Alexandre Godefoy was not portable and it was only in 1920s that hand held hair dryers became available in the market.

Today there are different types of hair dryers available namely ceramic, ionic, tourmaline and nano titanium. Ionic hair dryers help in drying hair faster and use negative ions. Ceramic hair dryer heats uniformly and does not overheat nor does it produce any sparks. Many ceramic hair dryers are ionic too. The coils of tourmaline hair dryers have tourmaline gemstones of industrial grade. They produce negative ions, making hair drying faster and sleeker than other ionic hair dryers. Nano titanium hair dryers have properties like lightweight strength, durability, and heat and corrosion resistance.

The advantages of hair dryers are that they dry faster as compared to hand towels, and the hair looks shiny and feels smooth. Today these hair dryers are available in different sizes and most hair dryers come with useful attachments.

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