Who invented iPod?

iPod was invented by a team of designers at Apple. The original idea of iPod came from a 23 year old Englishman, Kane Kramer, in the year 1979. He held a patent for the same till he was unable to renew his patent and it expired. Kane called his prototype the IXI; it did not have the ability to hold music for more than a few minutes.

The Invention
Tony Fadell, then an independent contractor, further nurtured the idea of iPod. He met with Apple, where Steve Jobs took him under his wing. Then a separate team was set up to create the finished product that we see today. This team included Jon Rubinstein, Michael Dhuey, Tony Fadell and Jonathan Ive. They were given a year’s time to come up with the finished product, which they did successfully.

The Name
The name iPod was suggested by a freelance writer Vinnie Chieco. Apple researched the name and found it to be listed and trademarked by Joseph N. Grasso. In the year 2005, Grasso assigned the trademark to Computer, Inc.

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