Who invented radio?

If you are probably wondering who invented radio then the credit can be given not only to a single individual but to several researchers. So when did this all start? The evolution of radio began during the early 1800s. Just like many other great inventions, even the invention of radio is highly disputed. There have always been controversies over getting patent for new inventions and the radio invention is no exception. Initially, credit for the invention of radio was given to an Italian electrical engineer and inventor, Gugliegmo Marconi but later on during the year 1943, it was given to Nikola Tesla, a notable physicist and inventor.

It is believed that Nikola Tesla was the first person to introduce the fundamentals of radio transmission. The other researchers who contributed towards the invention of radio were Heinrich Hertz, Reginald Fessenden, Alexander Popov, James Clerk Maxwell, Sir Oliver Lodge, Nathan Stubblefield, Amos Dolbear and Mahlon Loomis.

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