How did Linux start?

Linux is the general term of the family of Unix-like computer working systems that use the Linux kernel. Linux operating system has an eventful history, but it was in 1990 while Linus Torvalds made a breakthrough in this field. Linus was trying to upgrade the OS system but the creator of OS, Andy Tanenbaum was not agreeable to the updated version of the OS.

This incident forced Linus to write his own kernel for the OS. He wanted to ensure that the OS is free for everyone to use it and created the Linux under license of General Public. This is a development which gives the idea of free and open-source software collaboration. This can use all the underlined source code, which can be freely modified and reorganized for both commercial and non commercial purposes.

A bunch of supporting software like the X Window System, the GNOME and KDE desktop environments, and the Apache HTTP Server is being used with the Linux kernel to make the Linux distribution. The Mozilla Firefox web browser, the GIMP image editor and the office application suite is included in the Linux systems. Linux got its name from Linux kernel, and it was initially written by Linus Torvalds in 1991.

The uses

Linux can be used on an extensive range of computer hardware. It is compatible with small devices like the mobile phones, tablet computer and video game consoles as well as with the big devices like mainframes and supercomputer. The Linux is mainly identified for its use in servers. According to 2009 update Linux has a share ranging between 20%-40% in the server market while only 1% – 2% of the desktop OS systems market share is currently occupied by Linux.

However, for the past couple of years, desktop users are also favoring Linux and are fast gaining popularity. This is due to the famous Fedora, Mint, Ubuntu and openSUSE distributions. Another reason may be the ready availability of notebooks and smart phones, which use the Linux platform.

Linux acceptance

These days Linux is been used by several domains like entrenched systems and supercomputers. It has also made its hallowed place in server installations with accepted LAMP application heap. The uses of the Linux are become very popular among home and enterprise desktops. This is also earning popularity among the local and national governments.

Several countries and organizations such as The Russian military are making their own Linux distribution nowadays. While the state government of Kerala (India) has ordered every school to run Linux on their computers. The Government of Brazil is an eminent supporter of Linux. Linux is also wholly used as the operating system of the Loongson processor family to get the expertise freedom in China. The Linux distribution is also become famous with the launching of the netbook market.

The latest progress

Linus Torvalds is still working towards developing the kernel further. Linux sellers and societies have come together to distribute the kernel, GNU components and non-GMU components, with the added pack up administration software in the variety of Linux Distribution.

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