Is the Universe expanding?

Do you enjoy knowing more about the mysteries of the universe? A lot of people debate about whether the universe is something that was created by the God Himself, or it is just a creation that happened with the passing of the time. Many people believe and even debate that universe is expanding and some believe that universe always remains static because so far no one has ever been able to measure the exact size of the universe. Well, these things always fascinate the imagination of man but the fact is that the expansion of the universe has always remained a debatable topic as there are people on both sides of the theory.

As per different religious texts, it has been found that universe is always expanding from one single point, and that it will constantly keep expanding till the time goes on. Even many great scientists from the past believed that universe is always expanding and theories by Albert Einstein add to the debate that universe is always growing larger and larger. Although, the theories provided by Albert Einstein were not mathematically dead right, they signaled towards the expansion of the cosmos, and therefore, it is believed that universe above our head is certainly expanding in all directions. Some scientists today believe that over a billion of years many constellations, which were once a part of the Milky Way have now drifted apart and have changed places, which clearly shows that the universe is expanding and hence these constellations are moving farther from our galaxy. Some galaxies which were once clearly visible through the telescope have now moved further into the space which is a clear evidence that universe is spreading out in all directions.

Many NASA scientists who are also researching on the development of space and universe do believe that universe might be expanding, but they are not quite sure on it because they still do not have any substantial information and proof about it. Although NASA scientists like Fritz Zwicky had researched in 1993 about the evidence of dark matter that expands in the universe but still scientists have not found a clue on what exactly are these dark matters and how do they help in expansion of the universe. On the other hand, NASA believes that at present they do not have sophisticated technology and instruments that can provide and retrieve more information about the dark matters that exists in different parts of the universe.

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