Was Antarctica ever warm?

If you ever want to visit an icy desert than you should read more about Antarctica, which is the fifth largest continent on our planet, but still we cannot live there because of the extreme cold conditions out there. It has been surveyed that Antarctica has the coldest and driest conditions, and therefore, it is not possible for humans to survive there without the latest equipments that these explorers and scientists use to keep themselves alive and working. However, Antarctica can freeze you completely with its history, which clearly shows that Antarctica was once a warm place where different plants and animals were found.

Although it is very hard to convince people that a chilly place like Antarctica was a warm place in the past, it is true that years ago Antarctica was a warm place where different plants and animals used to survive. As per the research and excavation done by the scientists and explorers, they have found fossils of plants and animals that are only found in warmer conditions, which clearly indicates that Antarctica did have a different climatic condition in the past. Many scientists and geologists who have studied on the drifting of continents in the early times have concluded that Antarctica was a part of Gondwana continent.

Scientists believe that more than 70 million years ago Gondwana continent started to break into different smaller pieces and started to drift away from each other. Hence, countries like India, Africa and Australia along with Antarctica are the part of the same Gondwana continent. However, the Antarctica continent drifted further south, and it was because of the oceans that Antarctica today has become the coldest place on the globe. Many theories conclude that Antarctica also had a jungle where different animal species used to live, but eventually they were wiped out because of the cold conditions that were created as the continent drifted towards the South Pole.

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