How to make bath salts?

You can prepare bath salt on your own instead of buying commercial bath salts which contain chemical. If you store properly the salt which you had prepared can last up to several months. Things which are required 1) 2 cups of Epsom salt- it contains […]

Why is salt bad for the body?

Salt is the most commonly used substance for our daily food. It is called as sodium chloride in scientific terms. Sodium is what needed to our body for its proper functioning. It keeps the body fluids concentration at the required levels and prevents to increase […]

Why does salt speed up corrosion?

Oxygen present in water and salt causes corrosion. Salt is hygroscopic in nature and it attracts the water. Water is required for corrosion and salt speeds up the process. Corrosion is the transfer of electrons from one substance to the other so salt present in […]

Why is the ocean salty?

Everybody has different stories and mythological beliefs that why ocean is salty but scientific reason behind it is that some carbon dioxide is dissolved in the rain from the surroundings and water becomes slightly acidic because carbonic acid is formed with carbon dioxide and water. […]

How is sea salt harvested?

Sea salt is obtained from the North Sea, Mediterranean Sea or the Atlantic Ocean in France’s Brittany coast and also in Maine, Cape Coa, mass in united states of America. Mainly the process involved in harvesting sea salt is evaporation. On a big scale salt […]