How to get of an itchy scalp?

There can be many different reasons for the itchy scalp but the most common reason for this problem is dandruff or dry scalp. Other reasons can be any deficiency, some extent of dehydration in your body etc. An itchy scalp is a very common problem but do not ignore it as it may lead to other serious problems. So it is better to get rid of itchy scalp as soon as you can than to treat a more difficult one.


Keep changing your shampoo and conditioner after two or three weeks to get rid of any kind of build up as it may cause an itchy scalp.
Let your hair dry naturally and properly before tying because moist scalp may cause dryness and itching.
Brush or comb your hair gently at least twice a day. Rigorous brushing can harm your scalp. Brushing will allow the natural oil to spread all over the scalp.
Do not use hair products that contain alcohol.
Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water daily.
You can also take vitamin E supplement.
Avoid scratching you scalp because it will only increase the problem. Always keep your nails clean because you may scratch the scalp with nails while sleeping. Dirty nails can be harmful to your scalp.


Itchy scalp can be due to the dandruff. And dandruff happens because of excessive oily or dry scalp, reaction to shampoo or by a fungus known as malassezia. For this consult a dermatologist. He will recommend you a good anti-dandruff shampoo. Also have balanced diet with balanced intake of vitamin A, E, and B complex. Avoid having nuts, chocolates and the things that contain iodized salt because they are high calorie food.

Try to remain stress free. For this you can do yoga, meditation or exercise regularly. Stress does not allow the proper flow of blood in the scalp which can cause dandruff. Also comb your hair regularly for the smooth flow of blood in the scalp.

Another cause of itchy scalp is in terms of dehydration of body. Keep your body hydrated by drinking lots of water and citrus juice. Vitamin E oil or pills are very beneficial for itchy and dry scalp. Some shampoos can also cause dryness or using a particular shampoo can also cause dryness. So change your shampoo after3 to 4 weeks. You can also apply the creams that repair and provide moisture to your scalp.

Head lice can also be the reason for the itchy scalp. To get rid of lice use the shampoo that contains permethrin as it kills lice. Use it till all the lice and their eggs are killed. Avoid close contact and never share combs, hair brushes, cap etc. with the person having lice or the person you don’t know as he may have lice.

Psoriasis can cause itchy red rashes on the scalp. Some creams and ointments are helpful to reduce itching but you must consult your doctor for proper medications.

Scalp ringworm can be very itchy and painful. It happens due to parasitic fungi, not by a worm. Round patches covered with grey scale appear on the scalp. First of all consult your doctor and be sure that it is ringworm. He will prescribe you some creams or lotions for the mild scalp ringworm but if the fungus has gone deep into the follicle then he will definitely give you some oral medications as creams cannot reach deep. He may also prescribe some anti-fungal shampoo so that it does not get transmitted to other people.

If there is itching in the back of head and also if there are small bumps at the back neck then there is a possibility that you are having acne keloidalis nuchae (AKN). There are many lotions, creams and gels to treat this. Your doctor may also prescribe you some pills if the problem is severe.

Some hair products are very harsh on skin and can cause many hair problems, and allergic reactions. If you have itchy scalp with red, burning sensation then it could be due to some harmful chemicals like sodium laureth sulfate or propylene glycol. You must avoid the products having such harmful chemicals.

There are many other reasons for the itchy scalp. So you must consult the doctor if your scalp is very itchy.

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