How to fix a flat bicycle tire?

Fixing a flat bicycle tire requires about half an hour for those who are not used to it. Those that are accustomed to do it will take around 15 minutes. The tools necessary to fix a flat bicycle tire are quite inexpensive. When you fix the tires on your own, the cost will be a fraction of what you would usually spend, if you pay the cycle repair shop to get the tires fixed. Those that own a cycle and use it as a means of transport or for recreational sports should possess this necessary tool kit.

Tools necessary to fix the flat bicycle tires

The necessary items required to fix a flat are:

• A lightweight air pump
• Set of tire levers
• A patch kit
• A spare tube
• A wrench

Types of flats

Flats may result when you expose the tire to extreme weather conditions. The hot weather can cause a leak in the tires. Sometimes the hot weather can also cause the tires to burst. The leak in the tire can be seen when it becomes harder to pedal. At this point, you are unable to attain a highest possible speed even when you are pedaling really hard.

In some instances, you may notice the tube protruding out of the tire. In this case consider replacement for both your tires and the tubes. At other times, the tires may get punctured by shards of glasses or nails. They result in small holes and can take time to repair.

The steps involved in repairing a flat bicycle tire

Inspecting the tire

Look for signs of puncture by turning the cycle upside down. If you are fortunate enough you may find shards of glass or shrapnel still lodged in the tube.

Quick repair

Locating the exact puncture spot on first inspection will make the task of repairing easy for you. In this case, you would not have to pull out the whole tube. The required area can be patched without much trouble. Use the tire levers to work on the affected part of the rim and pull out the necessary part of the tire. Consider patching the tube which we discuss one of the next subheadings.

Removing the wheel

If you were not able to discover the puncture by visual observation, you have no other option but to remove the wheel. If the damage is done in the rear wheel, shift the chain to the smallest rear pocket. Use the wrench to loosen the nuts. Push the wheel frontward and pull it off. You will use the same technique to replace the wheel.

Getting out the tube

Begin from the opposite end of the valve when you are pulling the tube out.

Inspecting the casing

Inspect the casing using your fingers. You may find some alien object lodged in the casing that should be promptly taken out.

Finding hole by inflating the tire

When there is no other option left, inflate the tire. Rotate the tire and inspect any ‘hissing’ sound by placing your ears near the tire. You can also physically feel the puncture if it is large enough. More than two punctures are possible, so check before you jump to the next step.

Patching the tube

Rub the effected area enough so that it would react better with the glue. Cut out a patch of rubber and fix it to the punctured area. Rub and wait until the glue has dried and the patch is fixed firmly on the tire.

Follow these simple steps for repairing the cycle tires. Cycle away!

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