Why there is no life on the moon?

Moon is a natural satellite of earth but life on the moon is not possible as on the earth because of many reasons.

Firstly there is no water on the moon which is the first and foremost requirement for the life. Life first started on the earth because of water and if no water we can imagine no life.

Air is also required to breathe and no air is on the moon or we can say that oxygen is required by human beings to breathe is not enough on the moon for the survival.

Moreover the temperature on the moon is not suitable for the life to exist. Other than these basic needs there are more reasons because of which life is not possible on the moon such as the angle at which the moon is tilted, its speed of revolution around the sun, speed of its rotation around its own axis and distance from the sun etc.

Earth is the only planet that fulfills all these conditions to make life possible whereas many of these conditions are not fulfilled by the moon and hence there is no life.

But nowadays a question arises that whether aliens also needs the above mentioned conditions. It is possible that they can live without air, water and atmosphere and can make life possible but still no such alien or civilization is found yet on the moon.

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    As every people of earth know that there are 9 planets in our solar system.but i am going to answer the main question that is life possible on moon or not?

    My question is if the moon was split from the earth why does the moon not have life like earth. I know the earth has air and water and the moon does not but why if it was part of the earth at first.

    its is a very important thing to know about the earth and the planet and why we cant live on the moon and we can life on the earth .

    thank you to put this interested subject .

    when the astronauts landed on the moon, they all said it smelled like rotten eggs. When they brought back rock samples and dirt scientists found bacteria in some of the rocks and dirt samples. There are life on moon, the life on moon are bacterias.

    NASA discovered over 1 billions gallons of water in one moon crater alone. No life. The moon is the ideal distance from the sun just like earth. This is scientists biggest argument for life on other planets. Where there is water, and good conditions, there is life. Well, the moon craters are proof, that theory (no pun intended) just doesn’t hold water.

    whenever I come to net I open something knowledge things today I have opened ” Why is there no life on the moon it is so interesting thing and I think so everyone like this. Thankyou

    Moon doesn’t have water or any conditions to hold the type of life living om Earth but if there are any creatures like aliens then Moon has life existing on it.=D

    Well, first of all, that’s the right full explanation for that interest of study. I’m Actually knows very well that life couldn’t exist on the moon because of some reasons, let me to say that more clearly. because on the moon we haven’t water, that means that if we’ve not water we couldn’t exist and life will be put away. no air, how can A Human Being live without air that he needs to breathe?.. we can’t survive with no air, without air we can’t imagine life, that’s serious reason. the moon have no the right temperature, that means that life is no more to survive. Earth is the only one planet that fullfils those conditions, that means that we’ve not get these conditions on the moon, only on planet earth. I’m a student and I learning astronomy in my high school and I really enjoys that because it’s so funny and beautiful to learn the study of our universe today.

    Life is not possible in the moon at all. But sometime I think climate will change and men will find places in the moon in the future.

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    moon having water in form of ice , so scientist think that they can make water and Oxygen from there so, it can be possible that their should be life possible.

    The question was, is there life on the moon, not human beings to all the idiots that keep saying human being couldnt possibly live on the moon. That wasnt the question. How do yall know there isnt life on the moon or any other planet for that matter? Yall dont know. I think it is possible for some type of living creature to be on the moon or other planets.

    how did astronauts survive on the moon months together? did they took enough food material, water besides protecting from the terrific cold and hot temperature?

    hey ummm there is water on the moon, NASA launched a rocket into the moon and searched through the cloud of dust it made and found 25 gallons of water frozen and in the vapor that it caused

    Obviously there is no complex or even simple life forms living on the moon. As far as the data we have in the archives about the moon, it shows there’s no possible way for any type of life to exist on the moon for various reasons that include extreme cold temperatures, the raw material on the surface, and not suitable types of gases meant for life. Even if there could be a chance of anything living on the moon, it would merely be simple life microbes or anything in that category. In a parallel view, if there is any type of extraterrestrial aliens living on the moon, they would have bases or perhaps be living in the interior of the moon, beneath the surface. Then again, who would waste precious elemental resources for occupying the useless dry surfaced moon?

    Plus the moon was indeed part of the Earth millions of years ago until the massive object in space collided against the planet in theory, but it does not mean that life will exist on the moon just because it’s a chunk of the past Earth. To make it simple without all the large explanations, just imagine you ripping a piece of grass with soil out of a grassy lawn, eventually that piece with dry out and contain no more useful nutrients when its separated from its source of life. Except in the moons method, like in the theory, the broken extremely hot sections and bits of the separated earth material eventually accumulated together when they were orbiting around the earth and formed the moon in time. Simply to say, just because life exists on the earth, it will not exist on the moon due to the fact that it’s sources came from the Earth in the first place. There’s more required complexities to form life that the moon just doesn’t contain.

    It is documented that there is no life on the surface of the moon. If any life exists on the moon at all, it is probably underground in caverns, and is likely to be organisms like the extremophiles on Earth, subsisting in underground caverns where small amounts of air and water may be trapped.

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