How to choose the best digital microscope?

The new range of the conventional optical microscope is the Digital Microscope. The digital microscopes have optics and charge-coupled device /CCD camera that can send digital images to the monitor. It is not very difficult to choose the digital microscope, but the scope of use should be the topmost priority for choosing the device. Digital microscope is quite different from the optical microscope; the image of the digital microscope directly reflects the rays on the CCD camera. The differences between the Digital and optical microscope is the range of magnification.

Digital microscope is proven to be very helpful in several occasions. The best feature of the digital microscope is the fact that images can be saved for future analysis and can also be transferred back and forth to other computer systems as well. The projected view option helps the examiner to get a perfect view without much effort. The projected image is extremely large and makes all the minute details extremely clear. This helps a person to get a sharper and vivid image so that one can have a perfect image. Projection and sharing of the images is possible.


The resolution of the image is dependent on the lens used in the camera. Most of them use 2 mega pixel CCD camera gives a 1600X1200 pixel image. The estimated pixel resolution may be decided by dividing the horizontal field of the view by 1600. The actuator is being used physically by the pixel move techniques to move the CCD to take numerous over lapping images. The sub-pixel images can be generated by mixing the images within the microscope. In this process, one can get sub-pixel data by making an average of a standard image. Such techniques are used by technicians in the medical industry and other industries.


2D images have been generated with a good quality digital microscope. The measurements can be done on the monitor by calculating the distances between the pixels. The span, breadth, crosswise and round measurement can be done by this procedure. A few systems are able to count the particles of an image as well.

The 3D systems used by the digital microscopes take images from the lowest focal level surface in the field of view to the highest focal level surface by using a step motor. After that the images are reconstructed into 3D model along with a 3D color image. The accuracy of the 3D models measurement is dependent on the step motor and the depth of the surface of the lenses.

Some of the USB models of the digital microscope come with their own stands and provide support to the camera. This enables the camera to take capture better images. As the stand provides support to the microscope, the camera is also able to capture the images when they come in its line of vision. However, the USB models cannot be moved from one place to another and this can sometimes become a limitation.

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