How to choose the best stereo microscope?

Choosing a good stereo microscope, known also as a stereomicroscope or inspection microscope, that meets all the requirements of the work at hand is not an easy task. To enable a person to choose the best one, look at the features and the functions of the stereo microscope before purchasing one. Stereo microscopes, in general, can range between $110 – $1,200 depending on the functions and the clarity that they provide. Additional attachments to the microscope can also cost quite a bit of money.


The price of the stereo microscope is actually dependent on the clarity of the magnification that it offers. While the lower priced microscopes will only have a single magnification setting, the more expensive models will have varied functions for the magnification. Many other stereo microscopes include three purpose lenses, each of which may associate with the ocular.

Stereo microscopes are used in the scientific communities for comparing two specimens. The stereo microscope is actually a regular microscope but with a difference. So the stereo microscope is actually two microscopes that are connected with a bridge. This gives the user the ability to see both slides at the same time and make a comparison or differentiation between the two specimens for study.

It has been in existence since a long time

This microscope has been in use since the 1920’s when they were used by forensic experts for comparing the ballistic tests in murder and robbery cases. These stereo microscopes were then used extensively by the police and the forensic experts. Now the stereo microscopes have undergone a few enhancements that have enabled its use in various industries. These enhancements include fiber-optic illumination, video capabilities and digital imagery to enable users to take photographs easily.

These microscopes are also from the class of microscopes known as optical microscopes. They use refractive lenses that are made of glass or even plastic. These microscopes can reach a magnification of 1500x. However, they are used for studying larger specifications and are also used in lower magnification as well. Ordinary light, ultraviolet light and infrared light is also used for studying specimens.

Considerations before purchase

Before you purchase a stereo microscope, determine the use of the microscope. Inexpensive models should be purchased for children. While those that use the microscope for industrial and professional use require a high degree of precision. The microscopes should also have enhanced features of lights, digital imagery, improved optics and zoom, etc.

Different types of stereo microscopes are used for different industries and professions. Some of the configurations that are available on the microscope include Zoom control, binocular / trinocular head, basic stand / boom stand, light sources and the accessories that are available.

Microscopes with zoom will offer better flexibility for magnification as compared to the basic model. Trinocular heads are better when you need to fit a camera to the microscope. The basic stand is a viable option when the specimens would fit inside the slide area. However, if the specimens are going to be big, then you can always use a boom stand. Accessories for the microscope would include various types of illumination of the work area, auxiliary or wide lens and attaching imaging devices such as cameras.

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