How deep is the Pacific Ocean?

Pacific Ocean is the largest of all the water bodies on the earth. It has got its name from a Latin word “Mare Pacificum” which means “peaceful sea” given by Ferdinand Magellan a Portuguese explorer.

Pacific Ocean is 12999 meters deep. The deepest point in the Pacific Ocean is in the Mariana Trench. It is in western part of ocean and near the fourteen Mariana Islands. It is in the shape of semi-circle. It has the length of two thousand five hundred and fifty meters from north east to southwest and width of nearly seventy kilometers.

We know that our earth interiors are made up of lava. Sometimes it comes up to the mantle and reaches to crust through cracks which cause the piece of crust to come closer or to widen when both the oceanic crust which is heavy and continental crust that is light pushed against each other. The continental gets pushed on the top whereas the oceanic is pushed to the bottom. Finally oceanic crust makes trench. So this trench is formed by the subduction process.

Pacific Ocean is very deep so the tsunami waves can move with the speed of 750 kilometers per hour. This ocean starts from arctic in north and ends to Antarctic in south divided by the equator and known as North Pacific Ocean and South Pacific Ocean.

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    the pacific ocean is slightly over 8 miles deep. There are creatures that live that deep but they aren’t human-like they are nearly microscopic and are altered breeds of other tiny crustaecans.

    it cannot be over 8000 miles deep, because the earth is slightly less than 8000 miles in diameter. This would mean that the depth of the ocean goes all the way through earth. Google it, its not that hard.

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