Why do ocean appears blue?

Sunlight is made up of different colors that are rainbow colors: violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red. When sunlight falls on water some part of it is reflected back and other enters the ocean. The light gets scattered after entering the ocean by ripples […]

How deep is the Pacific Ocean?

Pacific Ocean is the largest of all the water bodies on the earth. It has got its name from a Latin word “Mare Pacificum” which means “peaceful sea” given by Ferdinand Magellan a Portuguese explorer. Pacific Ocean is 12999 meters deep. The deepest point in […]

What causes an ocean trench?

The ocean trenches are narrow topographic depressions in the sea. These trenches form the deepest points in the ocean and are the lowest points on earth. These trenches are formed at a particular place of plate boundary which is known as subduction zone. It happens […]

Why is the ocean salty?

Everybody has different stories and mythological beliefs that why ocean is salty but scientific reason behind it is that some carbon dioxide is dissolved in the rain from the surroundings and water becomes slightly acidic because carbonic acid is formed with carbon dioxide and water. […]