How to get rid of algae?

Algae are a type of plant that grows in water. It is unicellular (made up of only one cell) or multicellular (made up of more than one cell). In oceans and seas algae is in the large and complex form known as seaweed where as it is not much large and complex in aquariums. Some types of algae help to keep the underwater ecosystem balanced. It not only grows in oceans or aquariums but also in the bathrooms, swimming pools, and other moist places.

It is not necessary that all types of algae are always green in color, but it can be in red, brown, black and many other colors.

Here are some ways to get rid of algae:-

First remove all kinds of the debris present in the pond that fell during the fall and winter because when it decomposes it becomes food for the algae. Use skimmer or special nets to avoid the debris and leaves entering the pond. The best way to reduce algae from the aquarium is to reduce the amount of nutrients from the water. These nutrients form from the fish wastes, uneaten fish food, dead bugs and algae, fallen leaves etc. Fish eats food and leaves its waste in the aquarium water. This waste gets dissolved in the water and becomes nutrients for the algae which help it to grow faster.

One thing you can do to reduce the nutrients and starve algae is to change some amount of water daily from the aquarium. The amount of water to be changed should not exceed more than 20 % because it can harm your fishes. After some days, you will see that algae have disappeared from the aquarium. Now you do not have to change the water daily but after two or three days to keep the fish water clean.

You can also use bio-wheel having filter to reduce the nutrients because bacteria present on the bio-wheel is capable of digesting the fish waste and prevent it from getting dissolved in the water.

Do not overfeed your fishes with too much of food because this will further allow the fish to release more waste in the water. Moreover, the food that remains uneaten by the fishes will also contribute towards the growth of algae.

Avoid placing the aquarium where it gets the direct sunlight because algae perform all its life processes by the process called photosynthesis. Light speeds up the process of photosynthesis and allows the algae to grow. Also keep the lights of aquarium turned off as much as possible.

You can also cover the transparent sides of aquarium with aluminum foil to avoid the sunlight or the other kind of light entering the aquarium.

If you have a pond then you can reduce the light by adding floating plants or the plants that grow in water because they will cover the surface of your pond and provide shade to the pond. For very large ponds, you can use aquqshade or pond dye to prevent sunlight entering the pond. Do not use plastic to prevent the entry of light in the pond, or in other words, we can say that do not cover your pond or aquarium with the plastic because fish needs oxygen to live and it takes oxygen from the water. Soon it will use all the oxygen from the water. To maintain the level of oxygen, water should be in the direct contact with the air. Else the fishes will die in the pond.

It is very helpful to reduce algae from the large ponds because these bacteria eat the nutrients present in the water which would have helped the algae to grow in the pond. It also helps to prevent the formation of harmful nitrates from fish water.

You must use an aerator system in your pond as it helps to provide oxygen to both fishes and beneficial bacteria. Proper oxygen for the beneficial bacteria enhances its work. Choose the aerator system according to the size and depth of your pond.

Catfish, placostomus, Siamese are the fishes that can eat the algae in the aquariums. One of the above mentioned fishes should always be there in your aquarium. It is one of the natural and best ways to reduce algae. However these fishes cannot eat all types of algae, so we can add algae eating fish only to enhance the process of removing algae from the aquarium.

Some types of algae grow in the parts where the water circulation is not proper. To get rid of this type of algae you have to remove the water from the aquarium and sprinkle kosher salt on algae. There should be no fish in the aquarium while removing the water, after sprinkling the salt leave it for three days. Now scrub all the decorations, ornaments, plastic plants and even the tank properly with the hot water (Some types of algae grow on decoration, ornaments and rocks in the aquarium). You can also use algae pad to scrub the things. After cleaning your tank and its decorations you can put water, decorations and fishes back to the tank.

Do not use algae destroyer products to get rid of algae from your pond. It kills the algae and the dead algae again remains in the pond and further becomes the nutrition for the new algae. So it is not a good opinion to clear your pond with algae destroyer products. Moreover it may harm your fishes. If still you use algae destroyer products then you also need a filter to clear up the dead algae.

Do not treat your pond with any types of chemicals if the water flows into your pond or out from the pond to another water body or drains, etc. because it can affect the other water body or public water system.

First of all, you have to brush the sides and floor of the pool because this allows you to get rid of almost half of it. Now treat your pool with granules that contain highly concentrated chlorine. High concentration of chlorine in water will kill the organic moss and algae. While adding chlorine, filter system should also work simultaneously and remain working for next 24 hours so that it can filter all the dead algae.

Do not use the pool until the chlorine level reaches to the range 1-3 ppm. If still the pool water is green then repeat the process, after the treatment vacuum, the pool and completely remove all dead algae from the filter and pool.

Algae grow in shady areas like under the trees and big plants. Buy some algae or moss killer product and apply it on the parts wherever you find algae, like in the lawns, fences, etc.

Another way of removing algae is to call an expert and get rid of it.

Algae that grow on the roof are able to absorb the moisture four times of its weight. This increases the weight on the roof and can harm your roof.

Buy some chemical from the market to kill the roof algae. Sprinkle it over the roof and let it remain there for 22 to 30 days so that rain water can properly dissolve it. Now sweep away the dead algae and moss. Be sure that you remove all of them. Repeat the process after every year to save your roof from getting any type of harm.

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