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Why do people drink alcohol?

Nov 29th, 2008 | By

After researches many answers have come up for this question but the main answer for this question is socialization. People start taking alcohol just to get fit in the society. They took alcohol drinking as the status symbol and they also relaxed from the stress by moving in such societies. Another common reason which has
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Why is alcohol bad?

Nov 11th, 2008 | By

There are a lot many bad affects of alcohol on our body. It affects badly on the central nervous system and acts as a depressant. It interferes in our power of vision, hearing, movement and disturbs our emotions. If a person is taking alcohol from a long time he gets addicted and it can cause
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Why alcohol makes you fat?

Oct 10th, 2008 | By

It’s really amazing that alcohol makes you fat but it doesn’t contain fat at all. This is because during its digestion it breaks into two major compounds one is fat and other is acetate. Fat is taken by the bloodstream and is stored in the body that results in the gain of weight and the
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Why does alcohol effect your driving?

Aug 6th, 2008 | By

Alcohol is enjoyed by a lot of people around us which really affects on our power of controlling actions . When we are drunk and are driving a vehicle than naturally our actions are not in our own control because it decreases our ability to do two or more things at a time and we
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Why is alcohol addictive?

Jun 4th, 2008 | By

Any substance which alters our state of consciousness in just a minute is addictive and alcohol is one of them. Our mind gets habitual for this “crave” or “high” state of consciousness. Alcohol makes its way through the small intestine and the stomach and it reaches to the brain in just 30 seconds which triggers
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