Which vitamins do women need?

There is a slight difference in the nutrition of men and women. Some vitamins are specially required by women for their specific body functions. Female needs a variety of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants that come from different types of food. But in today’s fast life they are not having the right amount of these vitamins from the vegetables and fruits because they are not fresh. Nearly 50 years ago people use to live in joint families and their work was divided amongst all. So they buy fresh vegetables every morning and women cook different varieties of food and can get all required vitamins and minerals. That is why women health issues are increased nowadays and they use vitamin supplements to reach the level that body requires.

Most important nutrients needed by women are:-

Calcium and magnesium
Women need calcium and magnesium. Both are required for the absorption of calcium in the bones. Calcium makes the bones strong and when taken with vitamin D3 it is best absorbed. All the calcium of body is in the bones and only 1% of it is in blood which has also come from bones. Deficiency of calcium can cause osteoporosis in women of 30’s. Calcium is present in mostly green leafy vegetables. Calcium supplements can be taken to prevent osteo-arthritis but be sure that the supplement should not have wrong combination else it can cause other problems like stone in kidney etc.

Vitamins that woman need are:-

Vitamin D
Vitamin D is fat soluble vitamin and is not found in required amounts in our daily food. So it is taken as supplement and also from the ultra-violet rays. Vitamin D is bioavailable in our body with some changes in the body. It helps in the calcium absorption required for bones, prevent rickets in children. With the combination of calcium and vitamin D osteoporosis can be avoided.

Vitamin K
Vitamin K deals with the health of bones. You should always consult your doctor for its supplement because it can interfere with the drug and other medications.

Vitamin B or folic acid
It prevents spina bifida which is a type of deformity in the infants that occur during the pregnancy; fish oil supplement from a trusted manufacturer can fulfill the amount required. Some supplements also have vitamin A which can harm the baby inside mother’s womb.

For the women that do exercises or are pregnant should take more iron than the normal women. It helps hemoglobin to take more oxygen to different cells in the body. Lack of iron can cause headache, fatigue but women above 50 should take less iron as they are not losing it in the same amount as the younger ones.

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