How do batteries work?

Batteries are modified form of electrochemical cells, which are capable of generating electricity due to continuous chemical reactions within them. The working principle of batteries is related to chemistry. This is better explained in terms of “Redox” reactions. The “Redox” reactions are a combination of […]

How gps works?

Gps means global positioning system. A small gadget having gps receiver tells you about your current location or where you are standing on the earth at that particular moment. Earlier people used landmarks, maps etc to save themselves from getting lost but now gps is […]

What is 3D imaging?

Before discussing about 3D imaging let’s talk briefly about its meaning. 3D is an abbreviation used for three dimensional i.e a thing object vision or illusion that is visible in its three dimensions (length, breadth, and height or depth). Even we also move in our […]

What are 3G Phones?

Communication is one of the important aspects of human life and therefore, we would always enjoy sharing our thoughts, ideas and our viewpoints with the people around us. Telephones have always provided us the comfort to talk from far away places, but it was with […]

How camcorders work?

Camcorders are ‘camera’ and ‘(video) recorders’ that capture high quality videos and images. There are two types of camcorders depending on the technology; the traditional analog ones and the digital ones. Camcorders are very popular among the general mass as they are both efficient and […]