Why do People do Distance Learning?

Years spent in the classroom mucking about with fellow students while the teacher delivers their legendary lesson plan from in front of a whiteboard (or SMART board) is something that most people can relate to.

However, times are changing, with a growing number of educational institutions removing study from the classroom and offering a catalogue of distance learning courses where students can study remotely from internet connected devices.

It’s an innovative and exciting type of learning, but it’s far removed from the traditional classroom-based education setting that most people are familiar with.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the main reasons why people do distance learning.

It costs less

Distance learning courses tend to have lower tuition fees when compared with campus-based ones, which means you can potentially get more value for your money on an online course.

Furthermore, enrolling on a distance learning course enables you to avoid additional study costs relating to items such as transport, accommodation, and reading and learning materials.

It saves you time

Distance learning providers have state-of-the-art Learning Management Systems where you can access teaching and learning materials via your mobile. This makes studying on the move a viable option.

For example, if you work, you can tune into a lecture during your lunchbreak or on the bus home. With everything you need for study right there on your phone, pretty much every spare minute is a learning opportunity which means you can seriously maximise your study time on a distance learning course.

It gives you greater choice

Distance learning gives you the freedom to study remotely which means your choice of institution doesn’t have to be limited by location – you can study anywhere in the world.

As well as this, distance learners have the freedom to study from any global spot, without the need to be tied down to a particular location for the duration of their studies. This makes it an ideal option for people who move around a lot.

Some distance learning courses do require some physical attendance, however, most course providers make this clear on the course page, so you can make the necessary arrangements well in advance.

It puts you in control

Distance learning gives you a massive amount of control over your study journey by freeing you from the constrains of a timetable and allowing you to work at the pace that’s most comfortable and convenient for you.

There are still deadlines, however it’s entirely up to you when you do the required work. This makes it an attractive option for people with major commitments such as work and parenting, as it allows you to fit study around life, rather than the other way around.

It’s clear that there are a vast range of reasons as to why people do distance learning courses. And with online institutions like Anglia Ruskin Distance Learning continuing to expand their course offering, we can expect to see the number of registered students rise.

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