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It is easy. It’s quick, and a click away literally. This is for you to shop online. But is that so straightforward? It is not just that. There are a lot of challenges with buyers’ online shopping. And these challenges are not limited to counterfeit goods or additional costs Customers would like to shop on websites that provide safety and appealing material. In the case of abandoned carts or cancels of the order, it can lead to a failure to configure the platform correctly. This is supported by a survey, according to which 43 percent of the orders have been affected by online knowledge.

let’s check out some of the online shopping problems that customers face

1. The efficiency of the product

This is the most common problem faced by customers who shop online regularly. The quality of the product is often not up to the mark with what is presented in the pictures. With the competition growing in the e-commerce industry, as many websites become a marketplace for sellers to sell their products, and the issue of fraudulent sellers is increasing. The checks on registration are poor and selling poor-quality in the name of brands is becoming increasingly common. Even worse, quality-checks have become so rare with the magnitude of online sales which is soaring high.

Possible Solution: Make your products undergo a usability test where they are evaluated for their usefulness and effectiveness.

2. Logistics is a chaos

It is another recurring concern while ordering online. Logistics and the supply is a big challenge, with a few websites. The distribution standard of goods is becoming so casual on the websites. Either the product is lost or damaged during transportation too many times. Customers face a difficult time with tracking systems that struggle to locate their products accurately. Sometimes, the consumer wants to offer their goods on the same day by charging only a few extra bucks.

3. Period of delivery is uncertain

Most of these businesses do not comply with the agreed time limit, thereby frustrating customers when goods arrive too late. With returns, the question is the same.

Possible Solution: Since logistics has become very complex, it is mandatory for e-commerce business owners to keep tabs on it. An e-commerce platform with inventory management solutions can give an idea to the owner about the stock status and thus, product deliveries can be managed much more accurately

4. Preferences for payment are restricted

Too often, during the ordering process, the delivery date is not clearly specified. Consumers don’t know more often than not when the commodity is supplied. Consumers purchase a product and e-commerce firms do not even mention the delivery date. Such orders take several times more time than anticipated.

Buyers need to be reasonable and they must know when their orders can be placed. For customers to know when their goods come to schedule their day accordingly. It is important that they know. Customers also complain that the boys don’t even contact them to deliver the goods until they arrive.

Possible solution: When the order is sent and when it will be handled in a manner that the company is ready. Possible solution: Send a letter to the customer

5. Are Small Payment Preferences It’s another common concern.

Many times, when debit cards are not an option, consumers do not know how to make a payment. Moreover, when cash on delivery is not available, consumers are often left with payment options. Some consumers choose to pay cash on delivery because they are wary about their card information sharing with online fraud. Many consumers nowadays talk about this. It does not have a large number of payment methods on which it can depend

Possible Solution: An e-security seal, such as TRUSTe, would allow the customer to depend on the website for e-payments.

6. Confirmation of payment due

Finding a smooth payment door is another obstacle. When the clients access the payment tab, the money is deducted and the website is unexpectedly closed without warning to the user. The customer is in the bind, and that’s when. The company’s search for a refund is then another obstacle. Often it is a woocommerce professional who ensures that the pay page operates correctly when bulk transactions take place at the same time.

Often even, before the customer is able to pay, the website asks too many hidden questions or too much detail. This can also increase perceived discomfort during the transaction, resulting in a discarded cart.

Possible solution: a quick fix is to confirm the customer’s payment via e-mail. When an order is checked by a customer’s e-mail, the results are not worried. You know that you are paying for good order. Maintain a quick and fast payment process without taking too many steps.

7. The Invisible Expense Issue

Another leading e-commerce firm is another common problem. Online markets don’t tell consumers too many things about hidden costs. For example, the consumer is attracted to buy something which says it costs at a certain price. We spend a lot more within minutes, to have the goods delivered, taxes, additional delivery, etc. This leads to customer spending much more than he or she had expected.

Solution: An easy solution is for consumers to stay so clear that they are not misled and are confident in purchasing the goods they want.

8. Policies with Unclear Website

Many shopping websites don’t even have transparent and succinct return and refund policies on the website. Consumers are confused by ambiguous refund and return clauses. If the policy section is not correctly specified, sellers refuse to return or accept a refund from a customer. This is one of many consumers’ big problems online. Many such websites do not have any valid warranties and product warranties. If the demands are not satisfied, a customer will take this to a consumer trial.

Possible solution: Location is the cornerstone of the global transformation of online companies. Policies on the website and other materials in various languages should be accessible for people to understand easier and clearer.

9. Plenty Problem

Too many choices are offered in the online world and consumers can make a daunting choice. There is little help for most customers in the shop and that can chicken them out of a buying decision.

Possible solution: Have clear product specifications for all items in the same format so they can be easily compared. You offer minimal but valuable details instead of overloading the customer with data. The buyers can simplify their procurement decisions by using a comparison tool. In addition, the buyers can always make this end click on a live chat option to provide queries.

10. Mapping Complex

Is your website like a labyrinth, in which the traveler is lost? Difficult navigation It’s tempting to choose complicated website architectures and designs, and many curious clients will even be interested in them, but that may not be a smart idea to create a long-lasting client base. Most tourists are disappointed and bounce off with this complex website.

Solution possible: Maintain a basic website layout, providing consumers with convenient navigation tools. Electronics developers in Magento also use heat map software to determine where clients spend the greatest possible amount of time and where to go off.

11. Tedious Interfaces

Boring Applications Websites with insipid applications can not do much while the overwhelming website layout is a bummer. It is difficult to get customers’ attention, so make sure to get it right first.

Shoppers are an uncomfortable bunch. Get your attention to stylish website designs that attract visitors and give them a friendly experience on desktops and on other portable devices such as mobiles, tabs, etc. Entertain and engage guests simultaneously with immersive user guides.


With the support of an experience-oriented migration service provider, websites that use the right resources can solve most of these obstacles by upgrading to the latest update in your webshop. You can automate your website and help visitors solve these online shopping hurdles to improve your e-commerce sales through the above-described solutions. 81% of customers claim that they would buy again from a company if they have the experience. according to metric results. And it will definitely pay off in the future to have the extra mile for your customers and fix their pain.

Written by: Nimra Siddiqui

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