Packing For A Holiday

Packing For A Holiday

With the weather improving and lightening Covid-19 restrictions meaning travel is back on the cards – at least in a limited way. This means it’s time to start thinking about holidays. Today we’re helping you boost your enjoyment of your summer break by tackling the most difficult part of taking a holiday – packing.

The Essentials

You’ve got limited space in your suitcase, so start with the essentials. The bare minimum of clothes you might need for each day, and additional items like swimming costumes. As long as the basics fit in, you can build on top of these foundations with more elaborate outfits, changes of clothes, books to read on the beach or in cafes and so on.

In many cases you’ll java a separate suitcase and hand luggage – not just if you’re flying, but on trains and buses too. If you’re going to be separated from your suitcase, think about transferring some key items into your hand luggage – the things you’d need to feel safe and comfortable if you were separated from your luggage due to an accident, like medication, toiletries. It’s a good idea to include a rehydration solution like sachets or ORS rehydration tablets. It’s easy to get dehydrated when you’re outside your normal routine, and especially if you’re caught up in delays. Keeping hydrated will avoid inconvenience and discomfort and make any delays more easily endurable.

Picking Those Outfits

The essential outfits that go into your suitcase first take some planning. With limited space you need to choose carefully to make sure you have the right clothes for every day.

Think about what you’re going to be doing – are there specific activities or events that you’ll need to dress for. It doesn’t matter whether it’s eating at a five star restaurant or spending a day at the beach, each one requires specific clothes to help you make the best of it!

Don’t forget to factor in travelling home! The clothes you’ll be comfortable travelling in might not be very similar to the clothes you’re wearing on your holiday so factor in a ‘travelling home’ outfit for that last day.

Saving Space

To fit more in your bags, save some space with some simple tips.

Roll clothes rather than folding them! They compress down into a small space, and won’t crease as much.

If you’re packing additional shoes or bags, use them as storage: stuff them socks or underwear, and make your packing go that much further.

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