Why is alcohol bad?

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There are a lot many bad affects of alcohol on our body. It affects badly on the central nervous system and acts as a depressant. It interferes in our power of vision, hearing, movement and disturbs our emotions. If a person is taking alcohol from a long time he gets addicted and it can cause liver damage, colon cancer, and destruction in brain cells even it may lead to depression.

Alcohol is also very bad for a diabetic patient as he will be having insulin pills sulfonylureas and meglitinides which lower the glucose level in our blood. So it is specially recommended for a diabetic patient that he must not have alcohol when the glucose level in his blood is low and his stomach is empty. Hypoglycemia can be caused after 8 to 12 hours of drinking so to avoid this level of blood glucose it should be checked before driving and also eat before or simultaneously while drinking. Symptoms are almost same for both hypoglycemia and too much of alcohol like a person will start feeling dizziness, disorientation; sleepiness etc. alcohol can also disturb your eating habits. It will start preventing you to have healthy diet. It can also cause severe heart diseases, injuries to the cellular system of our body like mitochondria contractile and create changes in calcium fluxes as well as storage.

People generally think that alcohol relieves us from tension, stress but actually long term drinking will only increase the quantity of these problems. If a person is having medication for depression and also drinks alcohol then it will rather acts opposite to the medicines prescribed for depression.

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    What are your references for this topic?

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    hey! it was really good to find out the effects of alcohol thx fr writing….

  3. megan says:

    i enjoyalcohol but will stop drinkng as much because i know the bad effects and i dont want to watse my money on something that leaves me feeling terrible in the morning . is the good night of alcohol really worth the hangover the next morning ??? :S THIS WAS HELPFUL

  4. Samo says:

    I like pie

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