Why do different colors absorb different amounts of heat energy?

We see a particular an object having a particular color. This is because it absorbs all the colors coming towards it in a light spectrum and the color which it reflects it appears of that color. Different objects absorb different wavelengths and the heat energy.

Mostly we have seen that a dark color absorbs more heat energy as compared to the lighter ones which also implies that light color reflects more heat energy than the dark colors. Let’s do an experiment for better understanding. Take four boxes of different colors say black, red, yellow and white and place thermometer in it. These boxes should have holes on the top. Now we will notice that the temperature in the dark colored boxes is more as compared to the lighter ones. By this experiment it can be proved that lighter color reflects more heat energy as compared to the dark ones. This is the same for solar energy which is absorbed in more quantity by the dark colors. That is the reason why we prefer to wear light or white color clothes in the summer. A particular object appears blue, green, red etc because it absorbs all the wavelengths of the light and the wavelength which is reflected reaches to our eyes and an object appears of that particular color.

The above phenomenon is used in the solar energy collector where we use more of the solar energy then any other kind of energy. There is also relationship between the color and the amount of heat energy absorbed by it. Dark colors absorb more heat energy than the lighter ones.

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