Who invented Elevator?

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The history of the elevator can be traced back to the times of Archimedes and since then several primitive forms of elevators have been used over the years. However an elevator similar to the modern elevators used today was invented by Elisha Graves Otis, in 1852 and was demonstrated in 1854 at the Crystal Palace in New York. His earlier days were spent in a Vermont farmhouse. He later became a master mechanic and started the Otis Elevator Company. Werner Von Siemens is reported to have built the first electric elevator in 1880. He was a German industrialist and inventor and was the founder of the famous Siemens Company.

Elevators are also known as lifts which is used to lift or transport people or materials from one level or floor to another level efficiently. Most commonly seen in apartments, office buildings, hospitals and construction sites, today’s elevator is a much improved version of the first elevator and it is safe as well as fast. In residences elevators can lift generally up to 12 people and freight elevators can lift much higher loads of 2 to 4 tons.

A typical elevator has a cab which moves within an enclosed space known as the shaft. The cab is lifted and lowered by a steel rope and pulley mechanisms installed on the top floor. The doors of the cab is opened and shut when a floor level is reached automatically or manually with safety mechanisms to prevent accidents. There is a counter weight to balance the load.

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