Why earth has seasons?

The main reason behind the seasons on earth is it’s tilt on its axis. Axis is an imaginary line passing through the poles. 23.5 degree angle is formed to the perpendicular of the orbit of earth and axis always points in the same direction throughout […]

How old is earth?

From different researches and evidences the age of earth is approximately 4.55 billion years. Some of the sedimentary rocks found in North America, Africa, Asia, Greenland and Australia are nearly 3.8 billion years old and gave minerals that are of nearly 4.2 billion years. But […]

Why does earth rotate?

It is believed that the earth is made up of cloud of gas and dust particles called nebula that collapses under its own gravity and started spinning. When this cloud and dust particle condensed they remained in rotation and the rotation is speeded up when […]

How was the earth formed?

It is believed that the earth was formed nearly 4.6 billion years ago from nebula, a cloud of dust particles and gas. Sun stars and all other planets are formed in a same way. So millions of years ago a hot glowing ball was formed […]

Why is earth round?

It is believed that earth is formed four and a half billion years ago from a huge mass of gas. A force pulls everything with the same power from the centre which is called gravitational force and this force is almost equal at every place […]