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What are sun spots?

Nov 30th, 2008 | By

Sun spots are the parts on the solar surface which has temperature nearly 4500 K. this temperature is 1500 K less than the temperature of the surrounding photosphere. So these regions are somewhat cool then the other parts. These sun spots are 150 kilometers away from the earth or we can say 93 million miles
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Why do planets circle the sun?

Aug 28th, 2008 | By

The first and foremost reason for why all planets move around the sun is that sun has very strong gravitational force which makes the planets to move around it Just as the moon revolves around the earth because of earth’s gravitational force. So here the question arises that if it is due to gravity then
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Why is the sun yellow?

Jun 10th, 2008 | By

Sun is made up of gases mainly like hydrogen, helium and small amount of other elements like sulphur, magnesium, carbon, neon, iron, oxygen, nickel, chromium and calcium. Temperature on the surface of sun is approximately 5780K, giving the sun white color but it often appears yellow to us when we look at the sun from
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