Is the Universe expanding?

Do you enjoy knowing more about the mysteries of the universe? A lot of people debate about whether the universe is something that was created by the God Himself, or it is just a creation that happened with the passing of the time. Many people believe and even debate that universe is expanding and some […]

How did the Solar System form?

Sun with its eight planets, including our planet Earth forms the Solar System. Most people are taught at school about the sun, the eight planets and their characteristics. Scientists suggest that the formation of the Milky Way, and the formation of the Solar System are related to the Big-Bang theory. When the Big bang happened, […]

How big is the universe?

The dimensions of the universe depend on its age, shape, total mass and acceleration. The correct estimation of the size is around 156 billion light years. Much confidence can be put into this value as the instrument that has been used to measure is the latest WMAP telescope. This instrument can be used in deep-space […]

How big are galaxies?

There are around 10 raise to the power 71, atoms and around 10 raise to the power 81, invisible mass forming dark matter in an average galaxy. Galaxies are found in large structures known as superclusters, which themselves are massive filaments with immense voids in between. Each galaxy contains trillion stars. The Eridanus Supervoid, with […]

Why does the moon have craters?

There are many craters on the moon which are formed when something smashes on the surface and causes a dent. These craters are formed mainly because of the collision of asteroids, meteorites with the moon. They strike on surface with different speeds but the average speed is 12 miles per second or twenty kilometers per […]

Why there is no life on the moon?

Moon is a natural satellite of earth but life on the moon is not possible as on the earth because of many reasons. Firstly there is no water on the moon which is the first and foremost requirement for the life. Life first started on the earth because of water and if no water we […]

What are planets made of?

Planets are the bodies that revolve around the sun. These bodies do not give enough light that can easily seen by our eyes but sometimes we see the planet because the light of sun falling on them gets reflected and reaches to us. Our solar system comprises of nine planets which are made up of […]

How far are stars?

Have you ever thought that the beautiful twinkling stars in the night are how much far from us? And answer for this is that it is very much away from our planet. The distance of the stars are not measured in meters or kilometers as we measure all the distances in kilometers but we measure […]

What are shooting stars?

Millions of small rock clumps are present in the space which can vary in size. It can have the size of a grain or the size of a golf ball and is made up of dust. During the earth’s revolution around the sun these small grain of dust particles strike with the atmosphere at very […]

How do stars form?

Stars are the beautiful objects seen in the sky but what makes them beautiful? What are they made up of? Stars emerge from the dust clouds that are present in all galaxies. The great disturbance and movement deep within the dust cloud causes the knots of a particular mass by which gas and dust particles […]

How many stars are there in universe?

Sky looks so beautiful in the night with the twinkling stars but have you ever tried to count these stars. This question is really challenging for philosophers, scientists, astronomers, dreamers etc. These stars present in the space are not randomly scattered but they occur together in huge groups which are called galaxies. It is estimated […]

Why do we have day and night?

Everyday we go through day and night and many times think that why it happens. This is because earth rotates on its own axis. This axis is an imaginary line that passes through the North Pole and South Pole of the earth. The sun is an enormous source of light and it does not move […]

What are sun spots?

Sun spots are the parts on the solar surface which has temperature nearly 4500 K. this temperature is 1500 K less than the temperature of the surrounding photosphere. So these regions are somewhat cool then the other parts. These sun spots are 150 kilometers away from the earth or we can say 93 million miles […]

Why do planets circle the sun?

The first and foremost reason for why all planets move around the sun is that sun has very strong gravitational force which makes the planets to move around it Just as the moon revolves around the earth because of earth’s gravitational force. So here the question arises that if it is due to gravity then […]

Why is the sun yellow?

Sun is made up of gases mainly like hydrogen, helium and small amount of other elements like sulphur, magnesium, carbon, neon, iron, oxygen, nickel, chromium and calcium. Temperature on the surface of sun is approximately 5780K, giving the sun white color but it often appears yellow to us when we look at the sun from […]

Why is our galaxy called the Milky Way?

Some people believe that the name of our galaxy came from the Greeks who observed the sky and thought that it looked like the breast filled with milk and that milk was scattered in the whole sky or some baby angel has suckled and squeezed it very hard which caused the milk to spread all […]

How was the moon formed?

According to a theory called condensation theory it is believed that the earth was formed 4.5 billion years back from the nebula, a cloud which contains gas and dust particles. It is commonly believed that the moon and earth both are made from this cloud which when condensed changes to pebbles, rocks etc. but it […]

How was the universe created?

The most common and acceptable theory about the creation of universe is “the big bang theory” which suggests that there was a very small point of light having unimaginable density and heat energy which exploded spontaneously nearly 15 billion years ago just before the beginning of universe. This theory has come up with the explanation […]

Why does moon change shape?

Half of the moon is always lit by sunlight because it completes one revolution and rotation around its axis in 29.5 days and the other half is in darkness. We are able to see only that part of moon which is receiving sunlight and during its revolution the vision of sunlit area varies. Hence we […]

Why does the moon turn red?

Usually red color of moon is seen during an eclipse. The reason behind this is exactly the same that why sun appears red during sunrise and sunset. Sun always shines, when there is night in one part of the earth the other part is having day. When the earth comes between the sun and the […]

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