Why does salt speed up corrosion?

Oxygen present in water and salt causes corrosion. Salt is hygroscopic in nature and it attracts the water. Water is required for corrosion and salt speeds up the process. Corrosion is the transfer of electrons from one substance to the other so salt present in water improves the capability of water to carry electron through […]

How to make bath salts?

You can prepare bath salt on your own instead of buying commercial bath salts which contain chemical. If you store properly the salt which you had prepared can last up to several months. Things which are required 1) 2 cups of Epsom salt- it contains magnesium sulfate helps to take away acids from the skin […]

How is sea salt harvested?

Sea salt is obtained from the North Sea, Mediterranean Sea or the Atlantic Ocean in France’s Brittany coast and also in Maine, Cape Coa, mass in united states of America. Mainly the process involved in harvesting sea salt is evaporation. On a big scale salt is extracted by using big tanks. Sea water is pushed […]

Why does ice stick to your skin?

To know about why ice stick to your skin we have to first know about the formation of ice. On the outer level we say that when we cool the water to certain temperature it turns to ice but on molecular basis it is something different. We know that the water (H2O) is made up […]

What can we do to preserve the forest?

Forests all around the world are getting destroyed for one or the other reason. In U.S.A one billion acres of land was covered by forests and now only five percent of it is left. Tropical rain forests are destroying at the rate of 80,000 acres per day. So we have to take steps to preserve […]

What causes forest fires?

Fire in the forest is a destructive process. It can occur in both temperate and tropical forests. Fire can be due to the lightening or the carelessness of human beings. Nearly 90 percent of the forest fires are caused because of human beings. Also some fires start in the hot and dry weather usually in […]

Why are forests important?

Forests are very important and beneficial for local, national and international levels. We obtain a lot many products from the trees of forests. WOOD AND ENERGY It is one of the most important benefits of the forests that we get wood from the trees which are further used in many products used by us like […]

Why is salt placed on roads in the winter?

In the places where there is too much of snow and ice in the winter on the roads there the highway departments use to sprinkle the salt over the ice to clear the roads. They use salt for this purpose because salt has the tendency to lower the freezing and melting point of water so […]

Why do different colors absorb different amounts of heat energy?

We see a particular an object having a particular color. This is because it absorbs all the colors coming towards it in a light spectrum and the color which it reflects it appears of that color. Different objects absorb different wavelengths and the heat energy. Mostly we have seen that a dark color absorbs more […]

How do airplanes fly?

Aeroplanes fly and reach to a height by using two things. One is the Bernoulli’s effect and other is the simple momentum transfer in the flow of air for the lift. Daniel Bernoulli stated a principle which says that with the increase of speed of fluid the pressure decreases. Here the air over an airplane […]

How stain remover works?

Stain removers and detergents that are used nowadays have enzymes which work to remove the organic stains while bleaching chemicals in stain removers remove the non-organic stains. These enzymes work in a simple way. It breaks the stains so that it will be easier for the enzymes to remove them by water or they are […]

Why do we have shorter days in winter?

We know that earth is tilted at a particular angle and also revolves around the sun. Different parts on the earth get more or less amount of the sunrays which cause the seasons and length of days and nights. This can be easily understood by performing an experiment. Take an apple and pass a stick […]

Why is the sky dark at night?

This seems to be a very easy question and almost everybody thinks that the answer for this question is very simple that the sky appears dark in night because earth’s rotating around the sun. The part of earth which moves away from the sun will not receive the sunlight and hence sky appears dark. But […]

Why does Easter fall on different days?

Easter is a festival celebrated all over the world by the Christians but the date of Easter changes every year according to the Gregorian calendar which is a calendar accepted all over the world for civil use. Gregorian ecclesiastical rules determine the date by going back to 325 CE to the first council of Nicaea […]

Why does milk turn sour?

Milk contains many bacteria which are not harmful for human beings. One of which gives milk sweet characteristic and the other gives it sour characteristic sweet one works more efficiently under the cold condition and sour one works more efficiently in warm conditions. When the milk is warm the bacteria causing sweetness is overpowered by […]

Why is alcohol addictive?

Any substance which alters our state of consciousness in just a minute is addictive and alcohol is one of them. Our mind gets habitual for this “crave” or “high” state of consciousness. Alcohol makes its way through the small intestine and the stomach and it reaches to the brain in just 30 seconds which triggers […]

Why does the leaning tower of Pisa lean?

The tower of Pisa is approximately 56m high having eight storeys which have different balls that sound different from each other. If we climb up to the tower we will definitely have strange experience because it is leaning at a sharp angle. The construction of this tower was started in 1173 i.e. nearly 800 years […]

Why is snow white?

We all know that snow is a frozen ice crystals. Then why snow is white? As the frozen water is clear and transparent. A collection of number of ice crystals are known as snow. When light falls on the layer of snow it passes from ice crystals on top. The light slightly moves from its […]

Why does smoke come from fire?

When we put paper or a piece of wood or say something else onto fire we will see smoke rising from it but when it reaches a point where it is completely burnt and we are left with only “glowing embers” we will notice that no smoke is produced but fire still produces the heat. […]

What cause a rainbow?

We have often seen rainbow in the sky after it has rained. When the light coming from the sun passes through the tiny droplets of water in the air exactly after it has rained we are able to see rainbow in the sky. We know that the light coming from the sun consists of different […]

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