How to weld plastic?

Plastics can be joined or welded together in many ways. One is with electrical welding leister. Generally the plastics products used in cars, bikes and other vehicles are thermoplastics so they can be easily molded or welded. Some manufacturer marks code for material identification like ABS, PP. Leister 100.726 can easily weld the cracks, working […]

Why is recycling plastic important?

Plastics are used in wide range of things. So it is produced in a very huge amount and its convenience is undeniable. Recycling of plastic is very important because it is made from the oil which will cause the regular depletion of this limited resource. With the recycling of plastic we can save oil and […]

How is plastic made?

Polymers are primarily made up of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. They are the long chains which repeat themselves again and again. Many steps are evolved in the production of plastics Polymerization Most common raw material required for the manufacture of plastics is oil and natural gas but they are also processed from corn and other […]

What is plastic?

Plastics are a type of polymer or synthetic which is much like resins found in plants and trees. Polymers are made up of carbon string and other substances. The units in every string are called monomers. These monomers when goes through chain linking reaction then carbons join with each other forming polymer. According to dictionary […]

What are the affects of global warming?

Global warming is the trapping of heat on the earth surface due to the rise in temperature caused by transportation, burning of fossil feul, emission of gases from the factories etc. It affects in many ways to all the living beings on the earth. Natural disaster Global warming can cause more serious, frequent and strong […]

What is the cause of global warming?

Global warming is the increase in temperature of earth due to greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide CO2 which causes nine to 26 percent of greenhouse effect, water vapors has 36 to 70 percent and methane CH4 has four to nine percent. These gases are useful up to a limit to make planet habitable but excess […]

What are the ways to prevent global warming?

The main causes of global warming are greenhouse gases which are released into the atmosphere through various human activities. We can take many steps to reduce global warming. On roads Carbon dioxide is released into the air by the burning of fuels which contribute in the climate change. This can be reduced by improving fuel […]

What is global warming?

Global warming is one of the burning issues nowadays. It is the natural warming of the atmosphere (as well as natural cooling). These days global warming refers to the gradually increasing temperature of the earth due to the greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, methane and nitrogen that are accumulating in the earth’s atmosphere and increasing […]

How many different vitamins are there?

The word vitamin is made from the words “vitamine” which means “vital amine”. These are the organic compounds found in a small amount in the food and perform a particular function in cells and tissues. Vitamins react with enzymes and produce the energy from the food and also help in many chemical activities of the […]

What are the functions of protein?

Protein performs many functions in our body. Our body is 45 percent of proteins. It is a very important substance for our bodies which help in growth, repair and protection. Functions of proteins are very much dependent on the molecular structure. It performs many functions in the body 1) It acts as the enzymes which […]

What is protein synthesis?

Protein is a group of complex organic molecules which consist of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur and also have the one or number of amino acids chain. The word synthesis means that when smaller molecules come together to form a larger molecules. Similarly protein synthesis is a process in which small amino acids molecules put […]

What is protein?

Protein word is taken from a Greek word “prota” which means “primary importance”. Jons Jakob Berzelius, a Swedish scientist gave it a name in 1838 but the important role of protein was fully appreciated after 1926. Proteins are the primary substance of living organisms as it provides the molecular machinery to the cells of living […]

How is snow formed?

Water on earth remains in a constant cycle. It moves from the ocean, seas, rivers, gets evaporated, goes into the atmosphere and again comes back to the earth in the form of rain, snow, hail etc. Snow is always formed in the cold clouds because their temperature is low, generally below freezing point. So because […]

Why does water ripple?

When a stone is thrown in the water say pond, tank etc. you have noticed that many small waves of water are formed which moves away from the point where stone hits the water. These are known as ripples. Water in liquid state is not fixed sheet so it can easily change the shape. When […]

Why an egg floats in salty water?

You have always noticed that an egg sinks in the fresh water or plain water while it starts floating in the salt water this because when you add salt to the water you are adding more molecules to the water. Earlier the molecules were apart from each other but now salt molecules have occupied some […]

What is water pollution?

Water is the most essential substance required by all humans, plants and animals. We cannot imagine life without water but nowadays water on earth is getting polluted which has become a topic of discussion. Polluted water can badly affect our health and also the animals living underwater because the life on earth is completely dependent […]

What is water made of?

Everything is made up of atoms whether it is natural material or man made material like plastics, synthetic etc. it is the smallest particle in each and every substance. Many atoms combine together to form molecule. A single drop of water has billions of molecules and each molecule of water has two atoms of hydrogen […]

How safe are airplanes?

Airplanes are safer than the automobiles. Chances of dying in a car accident are much more than the chances of dying in a plane crash. It is about one in 11 million in an aircraft while in an automobile the chance of dying is one in 5000 so it is safer to fly in an […]

Why is glacial ice blue?

Glacial ice appears blue to us because all the colors of the visible spectrum (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet) except blue is absorbed by the ice. This blue color wavelength is transmitted which is responsible to make our eyes see the blue color of glacial ice. For this, the light has to move […]

Why do we need protein?

Without protein our body cannot function properly. Our body nerves, tissues, bones all are made up of proteins. So proteins become very necessary for them to grow and repair. It also used to produce some hormones and enzymes in our body .proteins are made up of amino acids. Our body produces non essential amino acids […]

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