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How to lose weight without dieting?

Today everybody wants to look fit and smart. So for this they have to get rid off the extra fat in their bodies.

Only dieting is not sufficient to reduce weight because when you eat less food your body naturally slows down the metabolic activities. Hence manage to get energy through less amount of food. In this condition fat cells do not grow but remain there in the body and wait till we go back to the normal eating habits. So to lose weight we have to burn the fat cells, which is not possible only with the dieting because old fat cells always remain there while dieting. Dieting can only temporarily stops the further growth of fat cells as the cells start growing as soon as we return back to our eating habits.


1) Go for those exercises that can burn your body fat. If you do not know such exercises then you can take the guidance of an expert. Do not rely only on the pounds lost by exercising, also consider the inches lost because exercise may increase your muscle mass which will not allow your weight to decrease but loss in inches will tell you that how much body fat you have lost.

2) include fibrous food in your diet because it will speed up your digestion. And your body will extract more nutrients from the food. Moreover fibrous food keeps you full for long time and you feel less hungry.

3) Experts say that having multivitamins is also very helpful to lose unwanted fat. So you can have some good quality multi-vitamin pills or consult your doctor for some prescriptions.

4) Avoid having junk foods like burger, pizza etc because they can increase your weight. You can have them only once in a week.

5) Drink as much water as you can because it will also help to reduce fat. Do not drink soft drinks, alcohol, sweetened tea or coffee.

6) Some experts say that calcium is capable to burn fat by producing heat and this process is known as thermogenesis. So we can say that calcium is also very helpful to burn fat cells moreover the energy present in fat cells move to the other working muscles in our body.

7) Avoid eating food like potatoes, pasta, fried food etc.

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