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How to reduce your appetite?

There are many ways to reduce your appetite or we can say how to feel full on less food. Here are some simple and effective ways:-

1)Replace your plates and bowls with smaller ones because this will affect you psychologically that you are having a full plate of food but actually less food fits on smaller plate and gradually your appetite will reduce.

2)Try to eat slowly by chewing your food properly before swallowing.

3)If you drink a glass of water before your meal then it will help you to feel full soon but drinking during the meal can increase your appetite.

4)Some researches say that people have to experience hormonal fluctuations which can increase their appetite if they do not sleep for 7 to 8 hours a day.

5)Eat spicy food because it will make you feel full on less. Flavored food will satisfy your taste buds and you will feel as if your appetite is being satisfied.

6)Add more vegetables to your meal because they have low calories and high nutritional value than the starch source or main protein. Moreover vegetables contain water and fiber that will make you full on less.

7)Avoid having desserts as much as you can because they have the high calorie and high fat.

8)You can have a peach before your meal because pectin present in peaches slows down your digestion which further reduces your appetite.

9)Avoid having artificial sweeteners and white bread because they can enhance your hunger after two or three hours.

10)A theory says that after a stressful day we get biggest pleasure by eating ice-cream, chocolates, and cakes etc. which are sweet and fat foods. These sweet products give the feeling of satisfaction. So avoid stress not only for appetite but also to avoid health problems.

11)Have proteins in your breakfast which will make you feel less hungry later on.

12)Avoid too much food on your table because the more the food will be in front of you the more you eat.

So if you eat diverse and nutritional but low calorie diet then it will also help you to look four years younger than your original age.

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