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How to get fat?

Generally people want to be slim most of them are females. But few of them who are too thin or are from anorexic group want to gain weight. Here are some ways how to get fat:-

First thing you can do to gain weight or to be fat is to eat and eat. The food you are taking must be high calorie like chocolates, ice creams and anything you want to eat. start eating more than four times a day it may be five or six times. Use carbonated drinks, beer etc. drinking liquor forms a good amount of glycogen and when your liver is full with glycogen it stores the alcohol which is converted to fats and stored in different parts of body which gives your body fatty look.

In the morning first of all have glass of fresh water then have fruits, bread butter, potatoes, meat or fried mush etc as breakfast. With it have milk or cocoa drink. After that lunch should not be delayed more than five hours and it should be a fat, starchy food. You can have soup with this meal for easy digestion. Supper should be light like bread butter and tea. So we can say that to become plump one must have starchy food, oysters, vegetables, plenty of water and fats. Avoid having enzymes in your food which will help to reduce weight instead of gaining.

Take sufficient or extra amount of rest because the working of mind and body prevents fattening. One who wants to get fat should go to sleep at 9 or 10 P.M and must have sound sleep till 6 to 7 A.M.

Try to remain in your house as much as you can because it will make you eat more food while watching T.V. use some vehicle to go somewhere instead of going on foot. You should not live in an apartment that has any stairs because that may cause weight loss. Avoid cleaning your place, keeping pets as they want to have walk and you will have to go on walk with them. Do not go for sports and exercises as it will definitely loose the fats of your body. So we can say that try to preserve your body fats instead of wasting it.

Of course start imagining yourself fat and try to feel that you are gaining weight. Start buying clothes bigger than your size. You can also have weight gaining products. Do not have weight loss products because they will raise your blood pressure and fatty person always have high blood pressure.

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