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What causes belly fat?

People who lead sedentary lifestyles have more belly fat as compared to the people who remain active because the calories required by the body is absorbed by it and the extra ones still remain which changes to fats. It is situated on the top of abdominal muscle and it is dangerous because it is around the liver and other organs which can cause many problems in the body. It is most difficult fat to loose than from the subcutaneous fat present in other parts of body. It is also known as visceral fat or omental fat.

There are many causes for belly fat:-

Eating Habits
Over eating of starchy foods having enough amount of complex carbohydrates cause belly fat like some vegetables and fruits. Drinking is also one another factor for belly fat. Eating wrong food or high calories at late night increases your belly.

Lack of Exercise
If your body does not exercise properly and you keep on having more and more calories will definitely increase fats in your belly and other parts. You can start reducing your belly with exercises. Cardio exercises are more beneficial than the targeted exercises. Skipping, jogging, swimming, dancing can be very helpful in reducing belly.

One factor is genetic inheritance. It plays a very important role for the look of body. In some people fat is stored in hips and thighs and in others it is in the belly. You can get rid of your belly fat even if your genes are working against you.

The more you are stressed more are the chances for your belly to increase. Usually when you are in stress you start eating more than in normal conditions and gain weight. Cartisol is a stress hormone released by the adrenal gland. Its level increases whenever we are in stress, have less sleep, do excess of work, too much caffeine etc.

Age also plays an important role in belly fat. In men belly fat can be due to stress but in women it is due to stress during menopause. With the increase of age process of metabolism slows down causing belly fat.

Tired, Bloated Skin
It may be due to the skin around stomach that has lost its elasticity and is tired. This is the belly aft which can be easily solved. Try using a wrap that tightens tone and hold your skin properly to burn fat.

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