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How much protein do i need?

Protein is very important substance required for the growth, repair and maintenance of your body. Now the question arises that how much protein is required by the body.

Earlier the formula used to know the amount of protein was to multiply the body weight in pounds by 2 and result is the number of grams proteins your body needs but the correct way is to multiply the body weight by body fat percentage. Now from the total body weight subtract the number of pounds of body fat. The result is total lean body mass (LBM). When LBM is multiplied by 1.818 you will get the exact amount of protein required. For e.g. let the weight is 200 pounds and body fat approximately 15 %. Then 200 multiplied by 15 % = 30 pounds of body fat.
200-30= LBM = 170 pounds.
Now 170 pounds multiplied by 1.818 = daily required proteins in grams.

Proteins are made up of amino-acids and your body will use only those amounts of proteins that are required and excess of amino acids will be stored in the body as fats.

If a person is having cancer treatment it is important for him to have healthy food. Proteins act as the “building block” nutrient because it helps in formation of red and white blood cells, cells of immune system, muscles and skin. So a person having cancer must have enough amount of protein to cope up with his illness. Some health conditions require more proteins than normal and some require less to prevent causing damage to the body. You must consult your doctor for the consumption of protein for better results. If you are recovering or going to have a surgery then also you need more proteins because surgery causes stress on your body tissues and your cells need more protein for recovering. But with the extra proteins extra calories (energy) is also required else proteins alone will not do much. If you are suffering from kidney problem or liver disease then you must eat low protein food because in this situation your body is not in a position to process and use protein and extra may cause more complications.
In all the above cases it is better to consult your doctor and know the exact amount of proteins your body requires.

Generally men require a little amount of more proteins than the females because they have more muscle mass.

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