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What causes diabetes?

Many people all over the world are suffering with diabetes. It is a metabolism disorder.
The food we eat, after digestion is broken down into glucose and is used by our body cells for growth and energy. Insulin (a hormone produced by the pancreas) helps the glucose to enter the cells, or we can say that without insulin it is impossible for the glucose to enter the body cells.

When a normal person eats food, the pancreas in his body releases insulin, so that the glucose can be absorbed by cells, but in a diabetic person pancreas does not release insulin or enough insulin for the absorption of glucose. Sometimes the cells of a diabetic person do not respond properly to the insulin. So the glucose remains in the blood and is not absorbed by the cells for growth and energy. This causes the high level of glucose in the blood and the condition is known as diabetes. The body expels the extra glucose with the urine. So in diabetic person much of the glucose is removed by the urine and body remains unable to use the glucose.

There are many reasons for this disease and many more reasons are coming up with the new researches.

This disease may transfer from one generation to another. If the mother is having diabetes then the child has 2 to 3% chances of getting diabetes, if the father is having diabetes then the child is at greater risk of having the disease and if both the mother and father are diabetic then the child is even at more risk.

Improper diet
If we eat low protein and less fibrous food, do not have nutritious food and take too much of refined products, then we are at a risk of having diabetes.
Try to have 5-6 small meals a day instead of 2-3 big meals and have the minimum of 25-35 grams of fiber daily. This will keep a check on both the blood sugar level and cholesterol. If you are diabetic then do not skip your meals, also consult your doctor for proper diet plan and ask him what to eat and what to avoid.

Diabetes can occur in any age but the people above 50 years of age are at greater risk. So we can say that as the age increases, chances of diabetes also increase.

Emotional stress
Emotional disturbance, worry, hypertension, anxiety, etc. may alter the blood sugar level which can further lead to diabetes.

Extra fats in the body resist the insulin to work properly. People having BMI (body mass index) above 25 are at greater risk.

Virus infections
Some types of virus like coxsackie B infect the pancreas and make it unable to produce the proper amount of insulin.

Less physical workout
People who do less or no physical workout or exercise are at the risk of having diabetes because fats accumulate inside the body and as said above fats resist the proper functioning of insulin.

Chain smokers have the good chances of getting diabetes. So avoid smoking.

Drugs and medications
Some types of drugs like resperidone, ziprasidone, etc. may cause diabetes.

During the pregnancy, glucose is supplied to the baby through placenta. Glucose is necessary for the baby to grow. The placenta releases some hormones for the growth of baby but these hormones resist the proper use of insulin in the mother’s body. After 4, 5 months of pregnancy the placenta makes too much of these hormones, and they may not allow the proper absorption of glucose in the mother’s body cells. This may lead to diabetes.
After the birth of child, most of the times, the blood sugar level becomes normal but increase in blood sugar level during pregnancy increases the chances of diabetes later in life.

Diabetes is not completely curable, but we can control it to a great extent by controlling our diet, regular exercise, avoid smoking, etc.

Normal blood sugar level ranges from 70mg/dl to 110mg/dl at fasting state. Constantly high blood sugar level may cause coronary disease, stroke, kidney failure, retinal damage, cardiovascular problems and neuropathy, etc.

Feeling hungry all the time, fatigue, difficulty in seeing, tiredness, feeling over thirsty, etc. are some of the symptoms of diabetes.

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