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Why alcohol makes you fat?

It’s really amazing that alcohol makes you fat but it doesn’t contain fat at all. This is because during its digestion it breaks into two major compounds one is fat and other is acetate. Fat is taken by the bloodstream and is stored in the body that results in the gain of weight and the acetate is absorbed by the body as energy fuel and body gets energy from this acetate rather than protein, carbohydrates and fats already present in the body. So body accumulates all these things within and hence the weight increases.

It also increases cortisol hormone and reduces the production of testosterone. The increased cortisol accelerate the muscle breakdown and resists our body to get recovered after exercise and decrease in testosterone decreases the use of body fats to be used as fuel which again is responsible for getting fat belly.

A glass of red wine contains nearly 110 calories but generally people think that it has very low level of carbohydrates. Calories present in one gram of alcohol itself are nearly seven. Moreover these calories do not contain any vitamins or nutrients. Whereas carbohydrates and proteins have four calories for each gram. Daily intake of wine in the night can cause the accumulation of more than 1000 of extra calories in the body which will surely increase the fats in body.

Alcohol is the second in calorie density when compared to all types of food and if it is taken with juices or other soft drinks that adds more calories to our drink.

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