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How bluetooth works?

Any electronic device like telephone, computer and entertainment system is made up of many different parts. If we want to create communication among these devices than we have many options like wires, radio signals, light beam, many connectors, protocols etc. and many more are coming up. These days one popular and interesting way of connecting devices is Bluetooth. It can connect the devices like digital cameras, camcorders, laptops, cell phones, printers, scanner, keyboards etc.

Bluetooth is an automatic mini network that does not require wires and it can connect eight devices in a network at a time. It can work both point-to point and point to multiple point system. It means that if one device is communicating with the other that is point to point and if one device is communicating with more than one device that is called multiple point systems. It is used mainly for personal networking in small area therefore it can create communication between the range of 30ft. Bluetooth uses the method of spread-spectrum frequency hopping which makes a device to use 79 frequencies that keep on changing within the fixed range and Bluetooth changes 1600 frequencies per second. A packet of information is sent on a particular frequency and for the next packet both the sender and the receiver transceivers will jump over to another frequency within the limited band. So every Bluetooth transmitter uses the method of spread spectrum and it becomes very rare for the two or more transmitter to be on the same frequency at the same time. So there are very rare chances of interference and distraction. If still someone wants to distract or disturb your communication then two things are required one is that he must have the special equipments and other one is that he should be present within the range.

Small transceivers are placed in the electronic devices which can send data at the speed of 721 kilobytes per second and also voice channels at the low power radio frequency of 2.45 gigahertz available worldwide for personal communications. Some security and wireless devices also use this frequency but the frequency hoping technique allows no disturbance or interference in the working of bluetooth and hence makes it a secure way of wireless communication.

One option to use Bluetooth is to build it modules within the devices or the other way is to use it as an adapter for e.g.:- modules can be built in the computers or they are connected to it through USB port.

Bluetooth does not require line of sight between two points that are to be connected like in the case of infrared signals. Bluetooth works on the modifications of LAN techniques used these days.

Bluetooth using devices are mostly battery powered and Bluetooth consumes very less power of the battery. Its range is five to ten meters which does not require much power for communication. It is not expensive networking therefore it is widely used by many devices all over the world.

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