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Why do we celebrate Labor Day?

From many years we all are celebrating Labor Day but rarely made an effort to find the reason behind it. We had only accepted it as a tradition. This day is taken as a national holiday in Canada and United States since 1894. Generally people take this day as a day off from the work and it marks the end of summers but the reason behind celebrating this day is to pay tribute to all the persons working as labor in U.S.

Near about 40 percent of people belonged to labor class during 1950’s which is now approximately 14 percent.
All the government organizations, schools and other offices remained close on this day. All other holidays were related to war, battles and conflicts but this is the one for the whole labor class and not for a particular person, race or nation. Samuel Gompers, the president and founder of American federation of labor said “labor day differs in every essential way from the other holidays of the year in any country.”
The day was first celebrated with parade on 5th September 1882 in New York by labor union themselves. They selected first Monday of month September for the celebration of the day as it marks the half of independence and thanksgiving. The idea moved on to other countries and official holiday was announced for this day.

Countries like China, Europe celebrates the Labor Day as the May Day on every first day of May. It is similar to that of the labor day of Americans.
So this day is celebrated in a very simple manner having parties, public art events, firework displays etc.

Now the labor day is celebrated to enjoy the end of summers and not to remember the labor class. People enjoy on this day and go for the trips to enjoy the weather before it turns to cold.

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