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Why do feet smell?

feetOdor in your feet is caused basically because of the bacteria which react with the sweat coming out from our feet. It may be amazing for you to know that the bacteria always live on our skin on a regular basis. So why other parts of the body doesn’t smell as the feet because our feet release so much of sweat that bacteria gets attracted towards it. We can say our feet nourish the bacteria with the sweat most because there are more than 250,000 sweat glands present in our feet. Moist socks and dark environment further provides favorable conditions to the bacteria. So that is why we experience a bad smell while removing shoes or socks from the feet.

Some people’s feet smell more than the others because they produce more sweat in their feet, more bacteria react with it causing the feet to smell more.

The feet odor can be decreased by using clean dry socks and they should be changed at least once in a day because we know more sweat, more bacteria, more odor. Secondly clean your feet properly with anti-bacterial soaps they will not reduce the production of sweat but it will kill the bacteria. Thirdly let your shoes get dried up properly in the air before you use them for the next time. Fourthly try to wear the shoes that are more breathable or the shoes that are ventilated. Like leather is a good absorbent and keeps the feet dry making the fewer bacteria to react. So switch on to leather shoes or more breathable shoes. You can also go for the socks that are more absorbent instead of wearing nylon ones. And finally use antiperspirant for your feet. You can visit the doctor if your feet smell is really very strong. He can give you some of the prescriptions for the odor.

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