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What causes swollen feet?

Swelling in the feet is a problem faced by most of the people. It is because of a simple reason i.e. gravity. If you sit at a place for a long time say in your office, home or anywhere else or stand for a long time then the fluid from your body will come down to your feet which cause swelling.

Swelling also happen because of venous insufficiency in which valves of your feet veins get weaken causing back pressure to increase on the veins and fluid from the veins enter into the nearby tissues leading to swell. It mostly happens in varicose veins.

It is also very common in pregnant ladies. During pregnancy extra blood and uterus expanding is required for the child in the mother’s womb which gives extra pressure on legs. Because of increased pressure and weight on the pelvis causes reduction in the venous return from the feet and legs.

Best thing we can do to prevent the swelling is to raise our feet when possible nearly at the level of our chest or stomach. You can also use pillow below your legs for this purpose. It will increase the blood flow and helps the fluid to circulate in whole of the body instead of accumulating in the feet and legs only. Massage on your feet will also be helpful for good circulation and reduction in the level of salt intake will also help against swelling.
Avoid sitting or standing for long time. Try to change your position after few minutes which will cause movement in body and fluid will not accumulate in one place only. Same is the reason why feet get swelled during air travel because it has remained inactive for a long time. But if the swelling remains after hours of the activity then it can be some serious problem for which consultation of doctor is required.

Other reasons for swelling are problem in heart, kidney, liver, blood clot, infection in feet or leg, insect bite or sting, certain medications, malnutrition etc.

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