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What causes cold feet?

Cold feet are a common problem that affects many people. It happens mostly when a person enters in an air conditioned room. Your fingers turn numb and icy when you hold a chilled vessel. Sometimes it is the temperature which is responsible for the coldness but sometimes it is not.

Stress, tension, emotional disturbance can also cause your feet to turn to icy. The condition when sensitive hands and feet gets cold due to stress and temperature is called raynaud’s syndrome in medical language. During the stressful condition and low temperature the small blood vessels in extremities narrows which allow a very small amount of blood to pass through it. Hence circulation of blood is affected on that part of body. Fingers and feet becomes waxy numb and cool. But when they get warm the blood comes back with full force you can see redness and tingle.

Secondary raynaud’s is more serious kind of problem which affects the women over 40 and men but it is not so common. In this case too the blood vessels get narrower but the reason for it is not stress or temperature. The factor behind it can be high blood pressure, smoking, diseases like arthritis, lupus etc. it gradually gets worse with each winter and this can further damage the tissues and can sore

This can develop infection under the skin. It does not produce sensation in the body to soft and sharp touches on the feet. Studies have shown that it also disturbs your sleep. In severe cases tissues are completely destroyed which is called gangerene and it will require surgery.

Patients suffering from cold feet should always try to keep body warm by wearing socks and hat as most of the heat of body is lost through the scalp. Diabetic patients should keep check on their diet. So that the glucose level blood pressure remains normal.

Cold feet is also caused in some person because of dishonesty in their feelings.

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