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Top 5 Gaming Phones To Buy In 2021

Top 5 Gaming Phones To Buy In 2021

When you have got the best gaming phone in your pocket, who needs a console! Wait, a gaming phone?

What if I tell you, it’s not an ordinary phone, it’s a phone designed for gaming? It’s armed with a fast processor, large display, and powerful RAM. Yes, you can enjoy gaming on your phone as well.

Let’s introduce you to the top gaming phones of 2021 on which you can play any game whether it’s Fortnite, PUBG, or Counter-Strike:

1: Razer Phone 2

This gaming phone outshines the rest on the list. Razer Phone 2 has been designed for gamers. I am planning to ditch my current phone and switch to Razer Phone 2 so that I can use top Internet speed provided by Optimum plans for playing Fortnite.

The first version of this one had some shortcomings but the 2nd version has made a strong comeback. If you are serious about gaming, this phones for you. It’s not recommended for casual gamers because the display and camera aren’t that impressive.

Moving on to its features, Razer Phone 2 features a Snapdragon 845 chip processor. It comes with a vapor chamber for cooling down the phone from all those long gaming sessions. Another nice addition is Qi wireless charging. The speakers are great as well.

The phone’s 4000 mAh battery makes it last longer. The battery life can be tweaked for better performance. No wonder this phone is an excellent choice for gamers.

2: Asus ROG Phone 5

If you have been gaming for a while, you must have heard of the name Asus ROG Phone 5. This phone has the crispest graphics to boost your gaming experience.

Sporting 6.78 inches display, ROG Phone 5 has a flawless screen. The Snapdragon 888 chipset and 16GB RAM make it a powerful device. Not to mention, its 600 mAH battery will let you play for as long as you want. No need to pause your game and recharge your phone.

Asus ROG Phone 5 also features customizable RGB lights at the back. The stereo speakers add to the experience. Some key features like a great camera and wireless charging are missing. It has a loud design so it may not suit everyone’s taste. If this power is not enough for you, upgrade to Asus ROG Phone 5 Ultimate for more storage and RAM.

3: Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

I hear you, Note 20 doesn’t look like a gaming phone but it’s one of the best gaming phones out there. It is optimized for streaming top Xbox titles. You can even cast popular games using Samsung DeX. Its Snapdragon 865 Plus processor and 12GB RAM promise a seamless gaming experience.

This phablet will organize your work life and keep you entertained in a versatile way. Its battery life exceeds 10 hours, which means you can continue playing games without worrying about a dead battery.

4: iPhone 12 Pro Max

The next wonderful gaming phone is the iPhone 12 Pro Max. You may be thinking how can a 60Hz screen and a 6GB RAM fit the definition of a gaming phone? Well, the A14 Bionic chipset makes it a powerful device.

Its excellent camera quality and long battery life make it a worthy candidate for gaming. the iPhone is one of the most expensive phones on the list and has smaller storage than average, but because of its battery life, it has made it to the list of worthwhile gaming phones.

5: Lenovo Legion Phone Duel

It’s the first-ever gaming smartphone from Lenovo that is packed with gamed dedicated specs and features. It supports fast charging and a sturdy pop-up camera of 20 MP.

Snapdragon 865 Plus processor can handle any type of game. Plus, the device is optimized for landscape mode so that a gamer can have a spectacular experience. It’s a good choice for playing games but not the best. Software issues and a mediocre camera might affect your experience. It’s pricey as well. Check others options on this list before buying Lenovo Legion Phone Duel.

6: Oppo Find X3 Pro

Boasting a 6.7-inch display, Snapdragon 888 CPU and 12GB RAM make Oppo Find X3 Pro is a worthy gaming phone.

It’s not just great in performance, its fantastic camera will win your heart. The phone features two 50MP cameras. One has an ultra-wide view and the other one is for taking name images. 5x hybrid zoom and wonderful microscope lens for close-up and long-distance shots capture great images.

There are a few problems with this phone. First, it’s highly expensive and second, it’s not available for sale in the USA. You might have to make peace with other options shared in this guide.


If you are ready to ditch your game console and buy a gaming phone, wonderful choices are out there. Do more research on these phones and buy what suits your gaming style.

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